Editorial Inspiration: Gloria

It is no secret that fashion frequently cribs from cinema for editorial inspiration and in the latest Vogue Paris, Terry Richardson recreates the look and feel of John Cassavetes’ film, Gloria. With Joan Smalls taking on the titular role and G√©raldine Saglio styling, the VP version of things is considerably more glamourous, but the story is essentially the same – former mob mistresses becomes accidental guardian of a young boy. On the big screen that means shoot outs and grit and in the pages of Vogue that means playground trips and bright red Valentino gowns.

Both the edit and its inspiration are heavy on early 80s / late 70s chic, but we wouldn’t have minded if Joan went all badass and started taking down mobsters. We know the era of Emmanuelle Alt¬†means that Vogue Paris is kindler and gentler, but with source material this fierce it seems a shame not to take things to the next level.

  1. Wow this is such an amazing editorial and Joan really shines. She pulls it off beautifully. Truly a modern day supermodel and I’m very excited to see where her career goes.

  2. Why would anyone reference Gloria? It’s a forgotten film that’s hardly a classic and the fashion in the film was equally unforgettable. Has fashion run out of things to steal from?

  3. eek – this isn’t the first time that “gloria” has been referenced for a fashion story. i remember one from around 10+ years ago – maybe in dutch magazine? it was much better than this waste of a great model.

    also, most (if not all) of gena rowlands’ wardobe in the movie was ungaro.

  4. I love Joan Smalls.i met her once on street,with my model friend. She is so kind, Unbelievably divine person. But…i miss Carine Roitfeld. French Vogue slowly becomes reinvention magazine…Havent bought entire year. Instead waiting for CR Mag. Anyway would love more Joan on the covers everywhere. She deserve and its worth every penny!!!

  5. I am just in awe of every picture Joan Smalls takes. I wasn’t a fan before but I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fanatic by the day!

  6. I like the editorial, even if maybe it was a good opportunity to do a shoot a little less “posed” (somehow see the last shot here, though maybe I meant something else especially); and… well, we all know it and very well, but: Joan is just drop dead stunning.

  7. ^ Chaz, yes that is the title of Lara’s VP ed from 09. That was a Gloria Vanderbilt inspiration and I do agree it made for a better editorial.

  8. i actually think joan looks flawless in the editorial. not so sure the story of “gloria” make sense. if it weren’t for joan this editorial might fall flat.

  9. What a tenuous reference. The styling looks nothing like the movie. Joan isn’t even carrying a handbag in these shots… would’ve thought that was obligatory.

    They should have called this story “The Pursuit Of Happyness” instead.

  10. Not really seeing the “mob mistress” being channeled here. I agree with some of the other commentators that this is just your typical flat editorial. I would have really expected something a lot more edgy and provocative from Terry Richardson, he’s known for his sexual subversiveness – definitely NOT seeing that here! VP should have let him do his thing and it would have been much a more interesting editorial.

  11. It’s actually a nice departure from Terry’s usual work. Joan Smalls would make for a beautiful MILF. I’m really liking her body language and expressions.

  12. I’m really happy for joan and the strides she has made in an industry that is extremely white washed. That said, all I get from her in these images and most of her work is her beauty…that’s all. There is nothing compelling about her, nothing grabs you. In short, she has no persona. It’s not a requirement that models have a persona, but its what makes supermodels super. Its why they stand out. I know why she might be reluctant to have a star image: the industry has changed and white people might find her threatening if she was anything but a pretty face (if you doubt me on this, just look at Naomi). She is still too much of a blank slate for my taste. Sorry for the rant but she can be SO MUCH MORE, and I critisize her because of this.

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