First Look: V’s American Beauties

As perfecters of the themed glossy, V Magazine never fails to choose a winning subject to center its issues around. Their latest edition is all about Summer Americana, a concept that for most people, conjures images of backyard barbecues and July 4th festivities. As blissfully nostalgic as that all sounds, there is another side to it – namely the influence of stylish Americans on the current fashion scene. The designers, the editors and of course the models who have shaped our definition of chic.

This all comes together in Sharif Hamza‘s simple and beautiful pre-fall shoot. Featuring looks from New York’s premier labels, the story covers everything from iconic brands like Calvin KleinRalph Lauren and Marc Jacobs to current it-labels like Altuzarra, all in shades of icy white selected by Tom Van Dorpe. Two generations of American top models wear the pieces perfectly and the whole crew from current sensations Karlie KlossDree HemingwayArizona Muse, to outright legends Carol AltChristie Brinkley and Elaine Irwin, looks phenomenal.

  1. Carol Alt!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!

    Arizona Muse,bittersweet relationship.I just wish she smile from the inside. Its obvious you can feel she juggle between motherhood and modeling and must be hard. But still i prefer to see more of her instead of inner Linda Evangelista.

    Karlie, I LOVEEEEE KARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. brinkly s the only one that exude any kind of realness n actually star quality cos the other look just like a cartoon as much touched up they have been

  3. I love how they have true generation, I would love to see Lindsey Wixson involved in this. Kinda confused on why they chose Carol Alt & Dree..but other than that I love this.

  4. lol real american beauty is from a mixture of different races in america, not just white models, they look beautiful tho.

  5. Yep agree, as if america only has white girls!

    And sorry but they look plastic in those photos. Not a pretty look and certainly not good role models for young girls 🙁

    Maybe next time not use models but real women with real jobs?

  6. so they had to play up american stereotypes with the rodeo? the ranch? the miles of nothingness?

    america has so much more to offer..c’mon…

    i agree with some of the posters above. i would love to see some of the other american models who don’t have the stereotypical “corn fed midwest” with ambiguously light brown/dirty blond look. maybe jasmine tookes (who is also black!), lindsey wixson, ava smith, a new face like Liza Golden (who has mixed hertiage)..etc

  7. could have been great with a different photographer, maybe a little diversity in the casting too. this all looks fake

  8. Why? Elaine looks like a plastic doll, as do the others.

    This concept so far seems to have nothing to do with the REAL america and the women living in it. Its’s sad.

  9. I’m sorry but I love this. The casting is great (although would have loved a black girl in the mix). The pictures are stunning! There’s nothing wrong with models l

  10. far too flat and white. Such as shame as could have shown the real colour and life in “America” beauties.

    This looks like a catalogue of toys from toys R us

  11. Real america? What are u guys all talking about?!? V is a glossy fashion magazine, so you have glossy fashion pictures. If you are expecting real America then go buy a newspaper.

  12. hahaha Abbey, you are right – toys R us :))))) or Fao Shwartz second floor Barbie Section…

    Lauren Hutton,Christy Turlington,Beverly Johnson, Crystal Renn… They forgot to include thm…

  13. This is a beautiful shoot, and the photographer did a really great job of capturing the natural beauty across two different generations.

  14. why would they include crystal renn? if youre suggesting her from the angle she represents a ‘real woman’, i.e. plus size, thats simply not the case anymore, although i think she looks better now. i agree having a black girl included would have been more representative, but if fashion is one thing only, it is inherently unrepresentative. i second jonathan’s sentiment.

  15. REAL america = not plastic models or anorexic looking models. I don’t care if V is a glossy or not. DOn’t call it Americana when it’s just a bunch of models who look nothing like real women.

  16. LOL. People have feelings towards this. This falls flat though. America is usually portrayed in a more natural way; this is kinda off. They should have done a bruce weber ed. I admire people standing up for the black models (black girls rule!) but the absence of asian-american models in this ed-and lets face it, probably in the whole issue too- is abhorent. Hye Park is american too (and underrated) so is Jenny Chia and Jenny shimizu. Marquita Pring is also american, plus sized and a model of colour, plus she is really underused, probably due to her double minority status in the industry. I hope this issue lives up to people’s expectations.

  17. i think the editorial looks good, yes theyre glossy and look doll like, but this is V magazine not a lifestyle magazine.and this is the fashion industry—why would they use a real woman. like women who have 9-5 jobs have time for any of this? they dont, and frankly they could probably care less about this magazine or this site. they have better things to do. this is not
    give it up
    its just a story people. they’re potraying from they’re point of view. its not that serious. its “art” i guess haha

    they definitely could have casted better and gotten a few more top american models in. but hey, whatever.

    everyone mentioning the ranches,and being cowgirls, and loving driving around forever and ever is a bit cheesy.
    but as a model you have to do what your told and work with the story.

  18. Looks a bit poor and flat. An issue celebrating WHITE AMERICA by the looks of it. V Magazine get it wrong too often…(Justin Bieber anyone?)

    But let’s see what else they come out with.

  19. I love all modeling I really wish I could b a model like so many other but I’ve tryed only one has called me n they said they would call back when there new place opens but it hasn’t yet:(

  20. lily, actually it is that serious. you might not think so but for those that are underserved it is that serious.

  21. I think everyone misses the point. this was a shoot about american designers, those are america’s brightest stars. and nobody mentioned ‘real’ america except for in this blog that people are taking way too seriously. since when is a forum for discussions on race?

  22. I agree with Lily – people are taking these images too seriously. They are meant to be beautiful portraits of American models. Yes casting could have been more diverse… but this doesn’t take away from the fact that these are gorgeous images

  23. Im not sure if thats the best of American beauties but Im delighted to see Christie here…. so beautiful and even more grace full….. YOU ROCK GIRL !!!!

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