The Block Is Hot

Nothing better than an early look at new fashion content and the latest issue of The Block Magazine is chock full of striking imagery featuring faves from the worlds of  music, fashion, art and film. Dubbed the “Issue of Marriage Equality” the Block is covered by three standouts, Garbage’s iconic singer the flame haired Shirley Manson, stunning top model Ymre Stiekema and everyone’s favorite poser / artist / actor the quirky Boyd Holbrook.

Of course we don’t judge a mag by its cover alone, because inside The Block there is plenty to love. Jeff Hahn‘s emotive images of real life couples, Tom Allen’s dreamy stills featuring the work of choreographer Justin Peck, Victor Demarchelier‘s NYC themed showcase for  Didier Malige‘s fascinating hair artistry story and Hugh Lippe‘s stark exploration of cutting edge menswear, all caught our eye. Don’t take our word for it of course – have a look at our exclusive preview to see some of the most striking shots inside the issue.

Shirley Manson

Photography Bon Duke – Styling Matthe Violante

Photography  Peter Stanglmayr – Styling  Andreas Kokkino

Photography Catherine Servel – Styling Michelle Cameron – Model Ymre Stiekema

Photography Hugh Lippe – Styling Vanessa Chow

Photography Jeff Hahn

Photography Tom Allen

Photography Victor Demarchelier, Hair Didier Malige,

Boyd Holbrook by Doug Inglish

  1. I could really live without this magazine. They seem to try so hard. Although they get (some) decent contributors, its tired to me

  2. Loving the direction of this issue from the shoots to the content theme, so inspirational. Can’t wait to dive in and get my hands on the print version.

  3. The Block stands out for its impeccable styling and intelligent content. Can’t wait to read the print version!

  4. love these shots.
    great on marriage, very glad this is featured! can’t wait to see the whole issue.

  5. I am so excited about every story in this issue. James Demolet is blazing a trail for new independent editorial. I cant wait to see what he does next!

  6. This shots are brilliant. I love the styling for Good Housekeeping. Cannot wait to get my hands on the issue!!

  7. What a poignant theme. Love is beautiful, regardless of what it looks like on the outside. This issue brings forth so many emotions! I found Peter Stanglmayr’s images particularly inspiring. Bravo James Demolet! You have a fantastic career ahead of you.

  8. Of course I love the “lonely union” stuff.. and the black & white story is beautiful
    This magazine is always fantastic.

    love it.
    .. and yes, I’ll drink to gay marriage too.

  9. I love The Block and I’m so excited about the upcoming issue. The styling is always so amazing!

  10. I’m really excited about the upcoming issue. I love the diversity of imagery, as well as the story. I’ll drink to that!

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