Angel Eyes

Katrin Thormann, is one of the most classically beautiful faces around. Her strong, yet elegant look makes her a perfect face for beauty themed editorials. This month’s Vogue Germany devotes a whole portfolio to Katrin’s sultry poses and Linda Cantello‘s makeup artistry. Daniel Jackson shoots Katrin looking perfect in little more than statement jewels and eyeliner as she gives the camera her most powerful gaze.

Katrin by Daniel Jackson | Image Credit – Scanned by helligirl @tFS

  1. the second shot took my breath away! i love when nudity is shot with moderation, and when it meets fashion, the mix becomes even more beautiful!

  2. Her angular features make a beautiful canvass for make-up. I could never forget that particular look of her from last fall’s Prada show with that primeval hair….this one doesn’t look too far from that.

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