Raf Revival

Now that the months of Dior speculation are over and Raf Simons is confirmed for the job, there is a lot to look forward to. Sure we will all miss the bombastic, over the top spectacle of John Galliano’s now legendary collections, but there is no doubt that the house is in capable hands with Simons.

Raf’s Dior debut doesn’t happen until July, but there are more than a few trends from Simons’ days at Jil Sander that we wouldn’t mind seeing on the runways again. Take a look at four Raf fashion statements that wouldn’t look out of place at Dior.


Years before the Dior opportunity was even a prospect, Simons was already using couture techniques in his designs. We could easily see one of the graceful shapes from F/W 09 show resurfacing in his work for Dior.

Freja Beha Erichsen by Patrick Demarchelier for British Vogue August 2009


Though he’s associated with minimalism, Simons has never been print-phobic – he’s especially partial to floral patterns in his designs for men and women. Given how ladylike Dior’s image has been lately, it wouldn’t surprise us at all to see Raf show a few of those flowers come couture.

Raquel Zimmermann by Steven Klein for American Vogue


Simply put, no one plays with transparency better than Raf does. Whether he’s using swaths of see through tulle, or resurrecting fringe from its country-western trappings, Raf is a master of showing skin with subtlety.

Kasia Struss by Willy Vanderperre for Jil Sander S/S 08


Though Dior has been led by a series of very different men in the years since Christian Dior’s death, each of his successors has been adept at translating the master’s celebrated New Look into something modern. If Simon’s last two collections for Sander showcase anything, it is his ability to cull from vintage source material, while keeping things current.

Natasha Poly by Willy Vanderperre for Jil Sander S/S 12

  1. This honestly the best choice Raf is going to great things at Dior. Bill was getting quite boring.

  2. A good opportunity to underline I liked Jil Sander SS 12 collection / campaign really a lot… and the FW 11/12 collection / show have been such a wonderful display of delicate grace – so curious to see the campaign.

  3. I like Raf, and I do think that he will take the house of Dior in a new direction, and that isn’t necesarilly a bad thing, but I will miss Galliano’s opulent extravagance. It’s so hard to find designers who can do maximalism with such finesse, especially these days when every other designer does the minimalist thing and now with John and Lacroix gone…(sobs) Also, as much as I detested his first show, I would have loved to see where Gaytten would have gone with his collections. He was improving quite steadily and I would have loved to see him go from the bare bones of his last collections to incorporating more embellishments. It was like watching a kid grow up! Anywho, all the best to Raffy.

  4. ehi!! This is my favourite site for sure but i’m a bit sad for Natasha Poly. I’m her N°1 fan, this for sure but is sad see her in the 2nd position after so many years. With a L’Oreal contract signed half month ago and she already has a tv ad commercial, a print ad and other products she has done not out yet. Plus Prada, a Gucci’s icon and so many other stuff like a Vogue Spain issue dedicated to her. I don’t understand why she isn’t in the icon list yet. Why has she to attend Lara? Isabeli when Raquel was #1st was moved to icon list without her. Natasha needs more than this. Sorry but this is the only mode for saying this.!! kisses

  5. So thrilling. I cannot wait to see what he does with the house.

    Of course Galliano will always be to Dior what Karl is to Chanel; unparalleled and forever irreplacable.

    I believe the appointment of Raf caught many by surprise – which lends so much of itself to the promising fresh direction… All drapped so firmly in the spectacle of a crystal ball.

    Just about falling off my seat as visions of Dior Couture a la Simmons parade down the runway…

  6. This upcoming fashion week will be so exciting:

    1) Phoebe Philo will deliver a full collection instead of a presentation
    2) Jil Sander returns to Jil Sander
    3) hedi returns to YSL
    4) raf at Dior
    5) Do we need a 5th reason???

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