The Biz: CR Fashion Book

After months of speculation and waiting we’re finally given a peek into Carine Roitfeld‘s new magazine – CR Fashion Book. Or more accurately a peek into the issue 0 mock up, this edition isn’t the same thing that will hit newsstands in September but it gives readers a good idea of the kind of content Carine & co. will bring to the market. The new publication is set to be published by Fashion Media – the company behind industry leaders like V & Visionaire and we’re sure to expect the same level of quality. In her interview with WWD, Roitfeld quoted the old Apple slogan “Think Different” as her motto for CR Fashion book and it seems she’s already changing the game. Unlike most glossies, the new magazine has no front of the book section. The focus is all on editorials and long form articles – a creative choice that is sure to please fans of evocative imagery and in depth interviews.

Can the Hunger Games’ intricate costumes provide a window into fashion’s future? The New York Times seem to think so.¬†

Who says gamers can’t be fashionable! PRADA¬†enters the virtual sphere with an unusual collaboration with Final Fantasy, characters from the latest game sport looks from the line’s menswear collection.

There is a lot of talk about China’s influence on the fashion industry, but who are the key movers and shakers in the Chinese market? Business of Fashion provides a thorough rundown with a few names that might surprise you.

The race for magazine of the year is heating nominees announced – we cant say we’re surprised that W Mag is leading the nominations in the fashion category.

  1. Question: how does Carine hope to establish a sustainable magazine without stand alone ads? Does she plan to use advertorials and will that even provide enough funds? Also, on the magazine awards, I’ve noticed that the fashion magazines (or radher, women’s fashion magazines) weren’t nominated for any journalistic awards. I know they’re mainly imaged based but I think they are selling themselves short. Also on the nominations, the photography noms include Tim Walker and Steven Klein and it made me realize that apart from Leibovitz for vogue, american magazines rarely use female photogs. Europe is only slightly better. I think its kind of sad that this is happening. I myself am familiar with only a handfull of female photogs. Its a pity in my opinion

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