Oyster Bar

Oyster‘s latest issue has music on the mind and as always the magazine marches to the beat of its own drum. The smiley face rhinestones attached to Anais Pouliot‘s forehead on the cover, get you ready for an issue that makes you grin from cover to cover. Whether it is actress / musician / Balenciaga muse Charlotte Gainsbourg posing for photos on the floor of her living room, or Tatiana Cotliar as a screaming Beatles fan, the imagery is upbeat, beautiful and perfectly suited to the musical theme.

Anais Pouliot by Benny Horne – creative direction Stevie Dance

Charlotte Gainsbourg by Will Davidson – creative direction Stevie Dance

Tatiana Cotliar by Benny Horne – fashion by Morgan Pilcher

  1. Tati looks amazing! she evokes that era so well. She looks like a die hard Beatles fan. I love Anais as well.

  2. god i love anais! i like the cover, cool text as well… charlotte has always been a favorite and i agree the best is tati, she made this editorial.

  3. TATI has such a great personality, i mean, she always gets the most amazing editorial where acting skills are needed. thats what i really love about her.

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