Deja Vu: Flower Girls

When we first saw Craig McDean‘s gorgeous new story in the latest Interview we were blown away. The combo of Katryn Kruger, a floral overlay and Stella McCartney‘s clothes made for an especially appealing series of images (see the full story on Interview but then we got to thinking – what did McDean’s shots remind us of?

There aren’t many wholly original ideas out there, so if you look back far enough you’ll find a recent editorial image that looks like something from the past. Turns out we didn’t have to look back very far since Sølve Sundsbø‘s beautiful images of Edita Vilkeviciute from last year were also sort of in the same vein. Fun coincidence, but not a real trip on the way back machine. Take a look at Emil Cadoo‘s double exposure images that look eerily similar to McDean’s shots but predate them by nearly 50 years. Twenty years before that the great fashion photographer, Horst P. Horst created his own spin on the theme with a singularly gorgeous shot in Vogue. Four photographers, one visually appealing concept and 65 years separating them. Who do you think captured the idea best?

2012: Katryn Kruger by Craig McDean for Interview

2011: Edita Vilkeviciute by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Japan

1963 & 1968: Emil Cadoo

1947: Horst P. Horst

  1. Solve does this so well, and its a big part of what he does. I checked the rest of Craig’s story, it looks like he is using this technique without any creative intention and to compensate for what are otherwise boring photos.

  2. Well that was an interesting bit of backstory. Solve did it well with colour, but the pictures by Emil are great as well. I feel kind of meh about interview mag in general these days. It needs a shakeup. Compare the designer feature eds to those of the not so distant past. The recent McQueen one cant hold a candle to the Margiela one with Natasa and McDean.

  3. beside the fact the probably mcdean s not even responsible for the final edit, yes solvework s generally always more inspired.. i find mcdean very boring…yes everything s perfectly done but with no point of view n so those flowers on daria face just look randomly put there .. quite sad

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