20 More All-Time Fashion Icons

Time Magazine‘s list of the 100 Greatest Fashion Icons is a compelling read. There are some obvious choices – Karl, Coco, Marc, Naomi, Linda & Kate are absolute icons. There are also few unsuspected surprises – we love The Row but, it was shocking to see the Olsen Twins mentioned alongside names like Schiaparelli and Prada. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the list were the names that don’t even appear at all. Time’s list passed over a host of bonafide icons from the world’s of design, entertainment and modeling. Here are 20 people Time missed that we think deserve to be held alongside the icons of the industry.


The legendary couturier, creator of the draped dress and one of the first designers to utilize the bias cut. Should be up there with Chanel!

Seminal American designer of the seventies, without the Halston look designers like Michael Kors wouldn’t exist.

Mugler’s boundary pushing fashions defined the 80s and early 90s with their exaggerated proportions and dangerous sex appeal. Nicola Formichetti‘s revamp of Mugler’s label is nice and all, but nothing can ever compare to the original.

The unquestioned master of Japanese design – his omission from the list left us flabbergasted.

One of the brightest talents to emerge in the past decade. His designs at Rochas and Nina Ricci raised the bar for everyone in the industry and at Theory he continues to innovate.

MAKEUP ARTISTS & HAIR STYLISTSthere wasn’t a single makeup artist or hairstylist on the list and that in itself is downright criminal.

From the game changing looks she’s created over the years on the runways, to her role in shaping Rooney Mara’s transformation in Girl With the Dragon tattoo, Pat has more than made an impact on the way we view makeup.

Creative genius behind those epic Scavullo shots that dominated the 70s and continue to inspire. Was one of the first makeup artists to step into the publishing field with his book, Designing Your Face.

7. VIDAL SASSOON (with Grace Coddington)
The man behind every geometic bob ever to exist and one of the first hair stylists to achieve celebrity status. Remember that gorgeous pixie Mia Farrow had in Rosemary’s Baby? You can thank Vidal for that.


One of the most photographed women of all time and the model in one of the most influential fashion films, Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow Up.

You can’t exclude one of the most important members of the Trinity and not expect to hear about it. On top of being one of the most prolific supermodels ever, Christy’s continued humanitarian put her at the top of the list.

The face of the 80s in every way imaginable. From those unforgettable brows, to the Calvin ads that live on as the standard even now, Shields is iconic in every way.


Two legends of vintage style who didn’t make the list. We can’t think of a single more copied look than Marilyn’s pneumatic bottle blonde chic. The public frenzy over La Liz’s posthumous Christies auction all but proves her lasting influence as an icon of celebrity style.

When the Met launches an entire collection based around your style, you know that you’re a legend. Apfel has inspired everyone from MAC Cosmetics, to labels like Suno, Prada and countless fashionphiles.


The two strongest and most opinionated voices in fashion criticism surely deserve a spot on the iconic list. Besides, where would we be without Suzy’s inimitable hair croissant?

If the street style revolution has a face it belongs to the outlandish and perennially over the top, Ms. Dello Russo. If Lady Gaga gets a slot for sartorial antics, so should Anna.

From Miss Porter’s school to the pages of Vogue, Bazaar and Allure, in her nearly 50 year career Mellen contributed to some of fashion’s most memorable imagery.


One of the more shocking omissions, Lindbergh’s signature cinematic style has stood the test of time.

For better or worse their sleek, surreal style changed the landscape of fashion photography forever.

The creator of street style and still its very best representative. Forget Sart, Garance, Tommy Ton and all the others – Bill originated it all.


Costume designer Edith Head gets a nod for her role in shaping Hollywood glamour, but Canonero’s inventive costuming doesn’t get a mention. Her role in crafting our vision of subversive glamour is unparalleled; Clockwork Orange, The Hunger, Barry Lyndon, Marie Antoinette – the list goes on.

  1. The Row- seriously, they shouldn’t even make top 10000. I can’t respect that poll at all.

  2. Didn’t Vidal cut Twiggys hair for the first time in 1966; “the cut that started my career” she says. Was that him?

  3. Really great seeing these names getting the attention they deserve.

    Time focuses on the mainstream public and who they think they want to see and/or know.


    Also I’m surprised Heidi Klum is on that list ,she was never really a high fashion model ,was she? More swimsuit model ,turned business woman

  5. Oh Models.com
    Its really gone to your heads if you think you should be telling Time Magazine what they missed.

    Imagine, a magazine with hundreds of employees, writers
    and 75 years of publishing printed material.
    I think MDC should stick to models, even that should be based on money, I am not sure that your rankings are totally based on the right things anyway. Its my opinion that you make money from model agencies and accordingly base rankings on a unmeasurable system. Maybe, Time magazine should do a story on this…

  6. Hi Allison, if you actually work for Time Inc, I’m a little surprised at your comment. I would think that a magazine with hundreds of employees & writers – one that has actually been around for 89 years – would be open to a little commentary. Especially given that there are many people who have every right to be listed alongside the legends TIME chose. Their list is great, but there isn’t a list on earth that isn’t missing someone deserving.

    Everyone has the right to chime in with their opinion on the TIME list, just like everyone has the right to say what they like about any of our lists and they do – frequently. However, to imply that something has gone to our heads because we posted a pretty tame response to a widely publicized news item, is downright ridiculous.

    But what do I know, maybe I should just put my journalism degree back on the shelf and stick to talking about models.

  7. TIME, not exclusively, has certainly crafted a list or 2 of insufficiently currated members. And to the matter, unfortunately TIME Magazine is not GOD..questions, comments and suggestions are surely plausible. To not at all feature Marilyn Monroe and (and) Elizabeth Taylor works furiously against such a list.

    Allison – I would strongly imagine that there have been several top lists, from various authoritative sources, past and present in which you have disagreed and would have readily nominated alternatives.

    We must remember not to remove ourselves so far out of the equation.

  8. What about the ICONIC photographer Bill King, without whom, Steven Meisel wouldnt even be here. King was the ABSOLUTE inspiration of artists like Meisel. Also, what about Kevin Aucoin?! If there was EVER perfection in make-up, Aucoin, totally represented it.
    What about Madame Vionnet?! Please, the Time list, is a COMMERCIAL list, like everything is in the States. There are so many more… Willam Klein, the photographer.. Actually, the list should have been named The 1000, not The 100, cause there have been TOO MANY UNIQUE influential people in fashion over the centuries. But, to omit Yamamoto… God Forbid! And, Mugler?! Lord have mercy…

  9. LOL
    is that supposed to be funny?

    No Kate. Ok you left her out on purpose..but then neither Kate nor Linda Evangelista? Linda face of Steven Meisel. Linda face of Patrick Demarchillier..Brooke Shields? I guess she is rather famous for other things.;) Im not gonna comment on any other things..nheverthless appreciate you do like Oliver Theskeyns, he for sure is very talented, Certaintly not an Alexander McQueen or Karl Lagerfeld (I know its boring to mention Karl but it is true, he is good!). Anna della Russo is very popular these days, I always liked her. If she is in icon yet? Well, it would be a bit early say that she is rather a muse like Daphne. i wonder why you left Helmut Newton out. Just a picture of him wearing his sunglasses would really cheer up the whole article, everyone loves Helmut!

  10. The Time Magazine`s list is too bad !
    For example I can`t believe they puted names like Michel Obama or the Olsen twins forgetting others like Lisa fonssagrives or Veruschka.
    The Time`s list looks like it has been written by someone who consider Cosmopolitan a fashion bible.

  11. Linda Evangelista’s the number one!!!!! I did not understand her name has not been reviewed.

  12. (sorry misspellings;additionally noted from the time and models.,com lists, may have missed some,so please add))
    Currently still holding reign from prior decade: andre leon-talle,marc jacobs., emmanuelle alt(has been along side roitfeld the whole time)., vanlamsweerde + matadin,patrick and his newcomer son viktor demarchelier., viktor + rolf, karen elson.,terry richardson,donna karan,jill sander,dov from american apperal(yes its out of the high fashion grid but mentionable bc he revolutionized the amature photo into mass mainstream market more so than terry richardson who placed the look,HIMSELF, into high fashion),jean paulgaultier,gemma ward.,darren lew,carmen kass,PAULRAYMOND MAYNARD(STYLIST ASIA),DNA MODELING AGENCY(NY), NEXT MODELLING(PARIS) AGENCY, CITY MODELLING(PARIS) AGENCY,michael kors,sara ohare-murdoch,juliemitchell,daphne guiness,karolina kurkova,stella mccartney,phoebe philo, STEPAHANIE SEYMOUR,paolo reversi,kristen mcmenamy,linda wells,glenda bailey
    c.90’s: kate betts,frankie AND MISSY RYDER),julien d’ys,marion djodjov pejoski(bjorks swan + egg dress),micheal economy(revolutionized fashion illustration in the underground fashion markets),helmut lang(revolutionized the utliltarian look),kevyn aucoin(revolutionary makeup artisit).,daniela pestova.,cathy fedorak.,kara young., sante dorazio.,shana zadrick.,maggie rizer., erin oconner.,liz tiberis(harper’s bazaar memorialized editor).,yasmeen ghauri.,karen mulder., niki taylor.,max vadukul., valeria mazza.,carla bruni.,nadja auerman., kirsty hume and husband,megan douglas,,emma s., rebeca romeign-stamos.,bridget hall,tyra banks. beverly peele.,anne demeulemeester,frederique van der wal(first victorias secret model), TATJANA PATITZ, CLAUDIA SCHIFFER,michael gross(he wrote the book!),EDOTIR PF VOGUE amy/FRENCH VOGUE joan juliet buck/ALLIRE,LUCIE DE LA FALIASE,KARL LAGERDELFDS MUSE,sharon stone,wynona ryder,
    c.80’s:michaela bercu, julie???(creative director from si swimsuit),francesco scavullo., sean m-byrnes., helen gurley-brown.,grace mirabella.,paulina porizkova., rachel hunter., julie henderson,kelly emberg., kim alexis, kathy ireland,., nancy donahue., talisa soto.,gilles bensimon. , rachel williams., elle macpherson.,yasmin lebon.,sherri belafonte-harper.,alexis singer., isabella rossellini., jill goodacre.,calvin and kelly klein.,fannie ardant,isabelle adjani,milla jovovich,JOHN CASABLANCAS, ,EILEEN FORD,ROSEMARY MCGROTHA,LAUREN HELMSEY,YVES SAINT LAURENT,ashley richardson,rosemary mcgrotha,andie macdowell,
    c.70’s: woman photographer,peggy dillard. , esme(only model in her era with short hair), rene russo. ,michelle stevens , lisa taylor. , laruen hutton. , mia farrow., cheryl tiegs.,beverly johnson.,janice dickinson.,dayle haddon.,cher,cybill shepherd,catherine deneuve,kim basinger
    c.60’s and before: cdavid bailey,cecil beaton, horst,jackie o.,WILHELMINIA,lisa penn

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