Guerrilla Girl

Considering the complex (and often antagonistic) relationship between the fashion industry and rights issues like human trafficking and fair labor, the idea of a luxury freedom fighter is a bit of an oxymoron. Not that you can’t fight for equality while wearing Celine pumps, but real life rarely offers such opportunities.

Of course that has never stopped fashion from, editorializing the fantasy of guerilla girls dressed in the season’s latest trends. V Spain serves up an intriguing take on the theme with a slick story shot by Nathaniel Goldberg and featuring a series of chic pieces from Margiela, Ralph Lauren and of course Celine all chosen by Gillian Wilkins. The images present a vision of well dressed rebellion and are dedicated to “all the courageous women who defend their ideals. They are masters of their own destiny, their voices songs that celebrate the beauty of freedom.”

Beautiful words, but how do you feel about the pictures? Sporting perfectly tilted berets and wildly hair coiffed by Shon, Edita looks like exactly what she is – a stunning top model playing dress up in revolutionary drag. In some pics it works, especially when she gives that powerful gaze, but even with a dagger in hand or holding down a semi-automatic, she still seems wildly out of place. Perhaps that is intentional – we can’t help but get some Patty Hearst, gun wielding socialite vibes in a couple shots. Let us know what you’re getting from this story in the comments.

  1. I think it’s strong but It could be even more stronger, if she would show more determination and slightly colder eye contact than it would be perfect.

  2. i kind of agree, its nice, but it could be better. Can you imagine Malgosia instead doing this editorial, I think it would have been knock out.

  3. im not into the idea really, i think it would work better as a more undercover type freedom fighter, this is less than believable and on top of that poorly executed both stylistically and photographically.

  4. I think, it isn’t her, what makes it kind of shallow. The whole story could have been filled with more passion coming from better themes and frames and styles, even hair and make up. It’s like translating a political theme into fashion, but in a shallow way. Sorry, but I think it’s not felicitous, but Edita is beautiful anyway. 😉

  5. Edita is too beautiful for this,while some shots are nice (the ones farther away) her close-ups just show her prfectness (nothing is wrong with that lol) Someone like Malgosia, Maryna, or Sasha would have brought more of an edge to this IMO.

  6. She’s such a beauty but this isn’t working at all. It’s not clear who the character really is. The hair and clothes and pumps work against guerilla effects (and not in an intentional, socialite-gone-guerilla way). When you think of a guerilla, you don’t imagine someone whose movements will be hobbled by heels. This isn’t a well-thought out, well-executed story. She seems exhausted in every picture, which would be fine if she was worn out from combat, but yet she has this carefully constructed flyaway hair that belies any such struggle.

  7. I personally love it! There is a certain melancholy in the whole session that makes it work to my eyes. And the revolutionary vibe is something very “now” , maybe that’s what the photographer wanted to communicate. I feel that this images have a soul, i say it again, i love it.

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