Russh’s Rebels

The Russh perspective is all about a certain kind of girl; youthful, instinctively cool and the type to wear her heart on her sleeve rather than a label. The April/May issue focuses on staying true to your passions while keeping it real and features a series of women who fit right in with the mag’s artsy-chic ethos. Jane Birkin, Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and actress Clémence Poesy could all be considered Russh girls and the insightful interviews of each are a real treat.

Editorially the issue takes its cues from the women who inspired it with a series of dreamy editorials that feel natural and unfussy. Whether it is Josefien Rodermans sipping a milkshake or Jess Gold lounging in the season’s knitwear, these stories look like they could be pulled from real life. Even the stark studio shoot with Jessica Miller, doesn’t feel forced or unnatural.

Josefien Rodermans by Nick Dorey | Styling by Gillian Wilkins

Jessica Miller by Amy Troost | Styling by Gillian Wilkins

Jess Gold by Stephen Ward | Styling by Billie Iveson

  1. hmmm not a huge fan of russh at the moment, its just kind of ok. although i do love jessica miller in one or two of the pictures.

  2. Russh makes fashion relaxed and accessible. Sure it lacks drama but it’s youthful and fresh.

    Want to see more from Jess Gold!

  3. Josefien is totally my fav (even if I still think.. ok, I’d like to see her walking practically every show, but about her in front of a camera there are a couple of doubts I still have), but Jess… sometimes she demonstrates some very welcome surprises can come from her.

  4. don’t doubt Josefien. She’s a natural – in front of camera and on catwalk. Just want to see more!

  5. i agree about josefien she is definitely a beautiful girl and i love her in shows, maybe its just these pictures she is lacking something, that could be the editing too, i want to see her in something else.

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