HE is here

One of the top Danish magazines, HE magazine, arrived in NY this week.

Main fashion stories:
Cole/LT by Luke Irons
Caleb/Toms/Sean/Joshua V by Marcelo Krasilcic
Jaime Burke by Marcelo Krasilcic
Garrett by Marcelo Krasilcic
Matthew C/Joshua V/Joeri/Alex/Taylor by Luke Irons
Adrian/Jake/Jamil by KT Auleta
Taylor by Luke Irons
Chloe Sevigny by KT Auleta

Some favorite boys and images from the issue

Photo: Garrett by Marcelo Krasilcic, stylist Victor Glemaud

Photo: Jamie Burke by Marcelo Krasilcic, stylist John Tan

Photo: Cole by Luke Irons, stylist Daniel Magnussen

Photo: Taylor by Luke Irons, stylist John Tan

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  1. OMG Taylor is HOT!That’s a pity his way into the fashion industry is going so slowly compared to sean o’s!!!!

  2. I have been searching Detroit high & low for this one. It’s nowhere. I’ve been on E-bay and all over the internet, still no luck. If anybody has any pointers on how I can get my hands on this, I would really appreciate it. I have several web pages that I’ve done for Jamie Burke & his band, Bloody Social and I need this! Help & thanks!


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