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Unless you’ve placed yourself on a magazine ban, or been living beneath the safety of a rock, you’ve heard the murmurs about Vogue Paris losing its edge. Whether it is blog posts about lackluster covers, or tFS rumblings, it feels like everyone has an opinion on the excitement level (or lack there of) in the post Carine Roitfeld era.

While we admit to missing the sexed up, controversy courting, boundary pushing days of Mme. Roitfeld, the Emmanuelle Alt helmed VP has its high points – Wham lipsync moment non-withstanding. April’s issue features a striking beauty story by Karim Sadli, featuring Malgosia Bela reinvented by four of the top young talents in hair & makeup. Anthony Turner, Lucia Pica, Yadim & James Pecis create a series of strong, attention grabbing looks for Malgosia that showcase their creativity and modern views of what a striking editorial look can be — how’s that for excitement.

  1. Looking great! Karim Sadli’s pictures are striking as usual, and the new generation of hair stylist and make up artists is looking super promising.

  2. Interesting story indeed, but sadly it still doesn’t make me wanna buy the issue… 🙁
    Alt’s only contribution to VP is driving the magazine’s loyal fans away to other publications… ~ i only buy “Interview” now… (I’m not sure if me and my friends will ever look into another issue of VP again cos it’s really quite bland… even Vogue US looks better NOW!)

  3. I agree with Christopher. All the excitement has gone. It’s just boring now, the content could be found elsewhere. VP used to be so unique and original.

  4. Its great to see a feature on 4 new talents in the industry. At last young blood is celebrated. A breath of fresh air. Bravo to them all and Karim Sadli.

    Unfortunately the rest of the issue is far from fresh. Everything feels like an old repeat of something done only a year ago in the same magazine. The shoot with Magdalena at the beach is a poor imitation of the one Sorrenti and Alt did with Natasha Poly a few years ago which was AMAZING. The cover, could be US Glamor let alone US Vogue Christopher.

    There is just a lack of ideas now at French Vogue. So uninspiring.

  5. Anthony Turner!!!He is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Defo buying this issue just to have that amazing photo. Hairstyle is mindblowing…

  6. The hair and makeup people look really sexy and amazing. The beauty story, is just another beauty story, and VOGUE PARIS? I buy MARIE CLAIRE USA now, I think does a better job. Emanuelle Alt, poor ridículos girl.

  7. I love Yadim, he is The Make Up artist of the moment.

    The shoot is pretty standard though, nothing new here.

    The magazine overall is so unimaginative now. Unlike others, I don’t miss Carine, I don’t really like what she has done in V and change is usually a good thing but not in this case. This magazine is just too boring now. No vision at all…

  8. You are all so negative .. What do you do anyway ?
    Just spent your time criticising and probably producing no work of your own.

  9. I think cover wise, for me at least, VP has been on point. The content however leaves a lot to be desired. Also, her model choices are so meh. Snejana, anna, anja, magda. Be bold emmanuelle. I know it took a lot of patience and time for Carine to change the model trend by making lara a star, but even before that she put women (and a couple of men) that had buzz in her mag, even if she ditched them later. Joan has been buzzing more than all those models aforementioned. It would be cool to see her pick up the models from the chanel maharaja show, or pick up Tao, Lakshmi or Fei fei again. To explore her styling prefference again coz sexy, cool androgyny is everything. I should be glad they use Malgosia, but lets be real- Gosi is the Merryl Streep of modelling.

  10. Vogue Paris after Carine…I guess it isn’t what I was anymore. There was just one Carine and what she did with the magazine is really pushing the boundaries. Emmanuelle Alt is an amazing Stylist in her own right but it seems without Carine she can’t give 100% anymore. Not saying that the makeup in the images above is great but Karim Sadli is far too simplistic, he isnt a bad photographer but certainly not good enough for French Vogue yet in my opinion. The Februay issue was quite good actually but March highly disappointing. French Vogue needs more Inez/Vinoodh and less Mert&Marcus. Also please let Craig McDean shoot covers again! The only good thing is they got Hans Feurer shooting for them very regularly now. But I guess with Carine it was a much much stronger magazine, irreverent

  11. as someone wrote, there is no vision left. Emmanuel Alt tries to please everyone. Please less pages for M&M and please no more Karim Sadli.

  12. Alt’s Vogue is definitely more commercial, I miss the excitement from Carine’s era. Marie Amelie Sauve would have been a good balance-team with Alt. These beauty pictures are to me the best pics of the issue! Sadli is the most interesting photographer of his generation, Hans Feurer, seriously?? I don’t want Vogue to look like Marie Claire Bis or Elle!!

  13. I think Yadim and Lucia’s images look the best. Maybe because they are in color but the other two are not as attention grabbing. Although I love Anthony Turner, he is definitely the best young talent out right now for hair.

  14. Ok so I have seen much more editorialized and edgy looks from these guys in other mags. Why for this does it feel so watered down? I can only assume its Alt’s direction. This would’ve been the perfect opportunity for these young talents to really push the envelope and show us what they can do with their skills and their vision!

  15. Its interesting to see what a divisive subject the editor in chief of French Vogue is. People don’t normally leave such long and detailed comments. Although I’m not a fan of the current look of French Vogue, I love that people are so passionate about the way they feel about the change. We don’t seem to care so much about how the other Vogues, or W or Interview etc look…. This isn’t the only magazine that is looking bland right now, they all are. We need a new group of young editors, or just editors with some vision in all magazines. too much status quo for too long.

  16. Well the other Editors of the other Vogues are just very sophisticated I guess. Franca..OMG! she is the woman of dreams for every fashionista! Not necesseraily supporting any talent but this is for sure the best edited Vogue in the world, just perfect. Unbelievable magazine! Anna Wintour..WOW! Its a commercial Vogue (such as Vogue UK) but the mag is impeccable. She does do a great job she is the best Editor American Vogue ever had. (same with Franca!). Even Alex Schulman of Vogue UK does a great job maybe not as consistent as the two mentioned above but still great in its smallest detail. Please give us more Nick Knight for Vogue UK though, he is the man. Vogue Paris, to me it always felt so different. There was more room to play around..more ideas. And it is the only Vogue where there is space for sensual images and nudity. Everyone who supports Karim Sadli is his agent posting under a fake name, how can you especially in this beauty story seriously say that this guy is good. The best story of the whole issue? Are you taking the piss? And Hans Feurer is amazing just check his profile here on, every photographer and every editor or person involved in fashion will say this guy is truly a living legend so please nothing negative about him!

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