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Christy Turlington has always stood out from the pack. Her legendary beauty, commitment and intelligence have made her the gold standard for models but the enterprising supermodel has moved beyond modeling and is now making a name for herself as a filmmaker. The lastest issue of Vogue follows Christy at 40, getting her masters at Columbia and filming her documentary on motherhood in third world nations, No Woman, No Cry. True renaissance woman that she is Christy manages to find a balance between her new career and the industry that made her famous. Alex Majoli‘s excellent travel photographs capture Turlington at ease while filming in Guatemala while Steven Klein‘s elegant cover reminds us that Christy is still the girl to beat when it comes to grace and poise.

  1. Hate American Vogue and Anna Wintour but will buy this issue for two reasons:

    1. A model is on the cover
    2. It’s Christy Turlington

  2. oh gosh, christy look so photoshopped in the cover, meanwhile the editorial is so gorgeous. Why Anna didn’t dare to show a much simpler Christy in the cover which is much more attractive than the glam up Christy?

  3. im glad to see a model on the cover, but what i noticed about american vogue now, is that there covers are no longer “artsy” or “editorial like” their covers now look lyk the covers for “home journal magazine” with all the natur tress, and furniture in the backround. wow american vogue sux
    but at least it still represents models in the magazine, unlike ELLE eho they completly left models for good

  4. I agree with sam! And there’s so much text on the cover – it looks horrible! It’s not a Voguecover anymore…

  5. God, what a great surprise! This will be the first Vogue issue I’ll buy since 2008. I’d rather see La Linda, but I love Christy too.
    I agree with Sam, Vogue covers are now so basic. Those covers used to be works of art. Now they’re just boring.

  6. I don’t know. I have mixed feelings about Christy in Vogue…and with Christy in general.

    In regards to Vogue, I really hate that Vogue seems to love to save the older models for the Age issue. That said, the cover is typical Vogue but the interior shots of Christy are interesting and well-done, even if it’s not a regular fashion editorial.

    As for Christy herself, to this day I still believe the is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Americans in general love her (and Cindy Crawford) because they are home-grown talents. However, I think back on how much Christy bad-mouthed the fashion industry for many years, seemingly not accepting the fact that it was the industry that put her name on the map in the first place and allowing her to do other things like her Yoga clothing line. I guess the older one gets, the older one cherishes life’s blessings.

  7. u kno that is true, as much as everbody loves christy, she was one of the models who made alot of fun of other models and just couldnt accept the fashion industry. but i do lyk her alot, but she left the indusrty 1993, and after 1993 thats when the supermodels fell, not to mention the same year kate moss entered



  9. as much unique n special she s in the inside story so she look like a piece of plastic on the cover…Wintour just use a magazine in name of ur own fortune

  10. I totally respect the fact that she was critical of the fashion industry. Let’s face it, it’s a pretty vapid business full of no-talent leeches and hangers-on. And I love that girls like Christy, Kristen, and Paulina are honest about it…unlike some other girls we can name.

  11. The fashion industry may not be curing cancer, but it’s so cliche to label it as “vapid” or “dumb”. Fashion is a beautiful form of expression, it’s an art just like cinema or music. You need talent to design clothes, to create campaigns and even to model. After all, not all pretty girls in the world are good enough to be models. I love Christy and all, but I think her criticism of the fashion industry doesn’t show much gratitude for the people to made her famous and rich. I think it’s very convenient to bash the fashion industry when modelling is just a hobby and not your real job anymore. I bet she wasn’t that annoyed with fashion people when she needed a Vogue cover to make her career.

  12. Well I did not know that back in the 90’s when she was on top, she was miserable at her job. I think there’s a hint of being ungratefulness in her. Modelling is a job that only 1% of female population can do. Why does she have to be vocal against it? That’s why Linda Evangelista is soo much better. Linda loves fashion. She loves her job. She’s always interested in fashion. Christy will live her life proving to whoever care that she’s more than just a pretty face, when in reality, who gives an fff? She’s a classic face, she should just embrace it, that’s her mark in this world. I think she’s just need to thank the hand that feeds her. I remember in her cosmopolitan cover/interview that she bought her mom a house in NYC and her dad a jet plane, can she afford any of these w/o the industry? Sure fashion is sleazy, but real world or even Hollywood is just as worst. Inggrata!!!

  13. While I agree that no one should ‘bite the hand’ that feeds them, at the same time I feel that Christy’s criticism of the fashion industry is refreshing and makes her appear more “real” (I hate that term but can’t think of anything better) and accessable to the average viewer. In a world filled with more sycophants than realists, Christy’s honesty about fashion gives ppl an opposing view on an industry than many feel is purely filled with glamour, money and fame.

    I don’t know, I like her for giving an honest opinion on her experiences.

  14. If she doesn’t like the fashion industry she should just retired completely, why is she still doing the Vogue cover and the Age issue of Vogue?

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