Kerry is so very….

…. hot! This past Saturday, Armani Exchangetreated a whole host of lucky fans to a signing with the face of their underwear line, model Kerry Degman.When we asked him how it felt being the face of such a huge brand like Armani Exchange, Mr Degman humbly replied, “Exciting and awkward. I get so much more attention.” We say it’s well deserved for the young American! For a Q&A with Kerry, click here.





(All pics by Rebecca Richard for

  1. This guy is just doing his job. He didn’t design the clothing – he only models it. Some of the comments are unnecessary. Never judge a book by its cover, but by its content.

  2. just because he is a model doesnt mean he cant write…my god…im sure the majority of models are perfectly educated…you only hear about the cut ups thats why you would think that

  3. Kerry Degman is the hottest… his Ralph Lauren Rugby Ads, alongside the rest of equally famous models, he does really stood out.

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