Alternate Dimensions

In what has to be the coolest magazine gimmick in a long while, the latest issue of Dazed & Confused is presented in 3D. What better way to take in Terry Tsiolis‘ energetic shots of rising star Julia Hafstrom? The Prada stunner literally jumps off the page the second you put on your 3D glasses and Nicola Formichetti‘s futuristic styling fits the theme perfectly.

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  1. Does anyone notice that she is giving the same EXACT face the whole editorial! No variety hope she’s not a one-look model.

  2. wow.. I think this is really bad. The last Dazed cover was so stunning, and now it’s called Another Dimension, with a robot on the cover.. Oh i pity Dazed for this..

  3. if she is giving the same face i don’t care because she is perfect! and face like hers is hard to find. she is having a fabulous start of her career.
    however, i completely dislike the cover. it’s not tempting at all.

  4. whoa the models horrible, so is the styling and photography, and the front cover looks lyk shes gatting choked?? and why is she giving the same face, and also she looks very un attractive, ur supposed to look beautiful, not lyk aa zombie

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