Two Sides

Cuneyt Akeroglu captures two sides of the luminous Lara Stone for Vogue Turkey‘s latest issue with elegant covers that capture the essence of this generation’s premier model. First Lara as herself, in a simple black and white shot that showcases the woman behind the sexed-up image and high profile campaigns. The shot is simple, evocative and 100% Lara. For a taste of fashion fantasy the second cover features La Lara as an 80s power beauty, straight out of a Patrick Nagel illustration. Dark hair, bold lips and a come hither glare that would leave lesser men shaking in their boots.

We love both covers, but which will you be picking up when the issue hits newsstands?

  1. Love Lara as always.. But seriously, Cuneyt is hardly inspirational or original considering his “influence”

  2. The second one, by far. Original way to picture Lara’s “sexiness”. First one could have been taken by anyone (though it is extremely good) but second is one of a kind. And it is truly refreshing to see something done with a model like Lara that doesn’t sound déjà vu at first sight, since she has been working with the greatest photographers and for the best publications. Vogue Turkey strikes its first “must” in fashion history and I couldn’t be happier.

  3. she looks amazing in the colour photo
    pinks and oranges really stand out
    black n white one looks so beautiful
    vogue turkey is really coming with great stuff !!\

  4. @missy I’m kinda amused at your distaste for Cuneyt considering his taking a page from the biggest photogs now (and the biggest plagiarists as well). Im glad that VT supports local talent and is pushing Cuneyt to the international arena. Maybe its just me, but ive never thought of Lara as the seductress/badass the industry tries to frame her as. My assumption has always been she’s this fragile girl whose body developed too fast. the first cover captures that, though the 2nd is more visually arresting. If there is one thing Lara can do though, its work a shot. Again I go back to her public persona, sure there are models as good or better, but she and her team were savvy enough to create a star image. Thats the beauty of IMG.

  5. @Lulu lovefiend, I see your point, but he is just not original… its a total copycat. Thats all. Lara is beautiful, but she is very good at playing the game… 😉

  6. That B&W cover is simply mesmerizing. I’m not a huge fan of Lara anymore but it’s so great too see her delivering sush impressive shots like this one again. No fuss or over done sexiness, just pure beauty.

  7. Photos are just unbelievably amazing! Probably the best B/W shot of Lara.. the shot is simple, so pure and very strong..

  8. I do not like. I am horrified,(his face, his chest..). BEAUTIFUL?. I think it is simple and tatty.

  9. the first cover s possibly the most beautiful image i ever saw of Lara

    the second s very french vogue too bad the top doesnt fit well n make her look way too big

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