Pale Fire

Josh Olins creates a vision of purity for British Vogue with an ethereal edit starring Lara Mullen. Dressed in white pieces by Marc JacobsYohji Yamamoto and more, selected by stylist Lucinda Chambers, Lara looks radiant and fresh. Special attention must be paid to the selection of headdresses featured in the story – Jane Taylor Millinery‘s collection of beautiful bespoke hats is put to good use.

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  1. I find Lara really cool and exciting, and I get the nonchalant attitude but I do feel she needs to give a little bit more.

  2. neh!…I don’t really feel anything here

    it looks like the photographer’s direction killed what would have been an interesting story

    sometimes is not the models boys and girls



  3. The hats are nice, and she looks vaguely androgynous in a grungy sort of way, which is lovely. That said, she doesn’t stand out. Why is the industry picking such innocuous faces. And its not just the new comers. Give me some Omhyra, dammit! (seriously, so underrated. just saw one of her old eds and the posing is flawless. i guess she just ruffled the sensibilities of the white masses)

  4. This guy is nr 1 Overrated photographer in this industry.
    Lara Mullen is amazing! (not in this pictures)

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