Ghost of Love

Photographer Mikael Jansson and makeup master Mark Carrasquillo collaborate on a special film for Intermission Magazine starring the always excitingĀ Crystal Renn. The provocative piece is certain to raise a few eyebrows with its mix of vampy makeup and focus on Renn’s famous physique. If the clip gives you a David Lynch-esque vibe with its moody atmosphere, that might be because Lynch himself provides the music. Check out the film below or on Intermission’s website.

Crystal Renn by Mikael Jansson & Mark Carrasquillo, Intermission 5 from Intermission Magazine on Vimeo.

  1. ^ are you kidding me? She’s one of the best movers out in the industry today. No one gives their all like she does, no one gives that POW like she does. Every shoot she does is exciting because she never just sits there. She gets into her roles, and acts, and moves.

  2. i agree she is a icon n supermodel….i want her in more shows n campaign,,. its time and well deserved… i just dont want it affecting her again,…

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