1. I love that Alt finally shows her own direction for Vogue Paris. To me it’s a breath of fresh air, I don’t get why people still complain and say Roitfeld was soo much better. I don’t think so. Love this cover so much.

  2. Somehow, in my mind, I thought (with fingers crossed) that Karlie would be on the cover this month. (I guess, I’m still waiting on something to justify her missing NY, London, Milan fashion week.) Nonetheless, good for Doutzen.

  3. While I certainly dont think Alt is a bad editor, I do think this is the best yet mostly because she is showing her own direction. I love that she chose new blood for the cover. I think this is what will separate her from Carine and give her a singular voice. Also, in general, I love that Alt is giving young talent a platform in the magazine (i.e. photogs, hair, makeup, etc)


  5. as dj tiesto says-something for jouw mind-dat ist perfection. ik hauw van doutzen!!! glad she making the haute comeback…

  6. I dont think she looks good on this photos.

    Vogue Paris something MUCH-MORE for me.. its like Vogue Japan cover not good.

  7. Definitely a nice change of pace. And I’m so over Roitfield. My only complaint is the photo selection with this particular pose. Or maybe it’s that and the outfit. Or a combination of both. Her face and hair are undeniably feminine, but her body looks that of a 12-year old boy.

  8. I don’t think there is a unique voice here like some of the other comments say. I see this on so many other magazine covers. This looks like it could be a cover of Harper’s Bazaar. I miss the old Vogue Paris. Like Roitfeld or not, at least it was always something exciting.

  9. Before I took a close look of this page, I really considered it’s a clean version of Vogue Japan, the combination of colors, white background……Not sure the attempt to make a revolution of VP is good or not, but Doutzen looks fresh anyway.

  10. her eyebrows look to heavy..
    she has a certain kindnesss in her eyes, much more appealing to the woman today..but i do feel that i am not quite fond of this cover..(too jumpy, but …yeah Sims.)
    we are over Kate Moss etc…so this is a good direction anyway..
    but neverthless i am not crazy about this cover.

    with the chin a bit lower and the mouth a bit more closed..she would be a bit more vamp..and this is what we need today (in my opinion) …reachable but intimidating.

    all over …great job Alt ..it takes guts to change a direction..its a big responsibility (and not just a position)

  11. She looks so thin! Doutzen is one of the few models who has actual curves and here she looks boyish(and don’t even say the VS angels coz theyre tiny too, their boobs just hide the fact). It does look like a Nippon cover to me, and for that it doesn’t really wow me. That said, I actually like most of Alt’s covers even more than Carine’s, its the content that sucks. Has sims ever done a VP cover before

  12. doutzen looks so great, but i agree with moly and avon, it does look like a vogue japan cover. this magazine seems to have lost its voice. it had this unique thrill that we all used to wait for every month. now it seems safe and commercial. this isn’t even a real Sims photo, its watered down for him, his images always have such energy and emotion.

  13. Love Doutzen but something is not right in this pic.
    Why she looks like she is getting an enema?

  14. I appreciate they’re using a different approach to the layout of the text and leaving much of the image blank but it looks very odd, still.

    I am craving some real drama and a touch of the avant-garde from Alt’s VP.

  15. Bad photo of her. She looks like she was not ready. The clothes doesn’t do anything to her VS body.

  16. i’m sorry but this cover looks “constipated”… she seems like she’s jumping in the air but the cropped shot just doesn’t work for me… Alt is literally crashing the Vogue Paris empire that Roitfeld spent so many years building… I don’t even look at the editorials anymore… my eyes are back on VOGUE ITALIA!!! <3

  17. too much photoshop. far too much photoshop for a natural beauty. she has wide hips in real life, which is GOOD, but here, she has NO shape in this pic. dislike.

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