Strike A Pose

Posing – it seems simple enough, but in reality it takes talent. Anyone can pout with their hand on their hip, but it takes a true model to emote. Who better to illustrate a guide on the art of the pose, than industry icon Kirsten Owen a model known for her ability to elevate the editorial pages into the realm of art. Benjamin Alexander Huseby shoots Kirsten in a series of black and white portraits styled by Beat Bolliger for The GentlewomanExploring the “semiotics of posing” the story is a stylish showcase for Owen’s talents and Huseby’s evocative shots call to mind the studio portraits of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

  1. simple, understated beauty. Dont think Ive seen her look this good in a long time. Great styling!

  2. Gentlewoman indeed! I love Kirsten, she always reminds me of gen X. She has this awkward self possesion, like a Wynona Ryder character. I guess she IS an exceptional model.

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