Que Linda

Though the epic model moments of the 90s can never be duplicated, it doesn’t hurt to see a little tribute every now and then. Muse Magazine enlists Mariano Vivanco to shoot two of today’s premier beauties in an alluring edit that aims to capture the spirit of Linda Evangelista and her effervescent personality. Kendra Spears and Toni Garrn star as the kind of runway divas of the highest order, while Beth Fenton provides a wardrobe of sexy looks that scream supermodel. The retro vibe is accentuated by Billy B‘s eyeliner and nude lip centric recreation of the mid 90s beauty look du jour and Ashley Javier‘s Evangelista-esque coifs.

  1. I really like it… Toni really developed herself, you just have to take a look to her last editorials and campaign..

  2. I honestly have to say this is one of the best Covers and editorials i’ve seen all year. Gorgeous.

  3. There’s something undone about this and I like it. Also, love the lighting in the last photo.

  4. Its just an opinion joe. Plus, aniabe is right. She’s giving “mouth breather” in every shot. Why don’t you get a clue.

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  6. I love when the reference is early 90s. And Miss Kendra Spears is one of the most underrated models I think. She gives me baby Cindy Crawford.

  7. I don’t see the Linda Evangelista reference at all. They lack the spark & energy that Linda has. Remember Linda loves fashion, loves modeling, loves designers! These models look bored, like they’d rather be anywhere else than there!

  8. Where are the GUMS???

    the TWINKLE of the EYES?????

    Those Sky High EYEBROWS !!!!!

    am I missing something?????

  9. These Tribute also made me realized How Linda Evangelista is always “IN CONTROL”. She made the shots effortless but she’s super AWARE of everything around her and there’s no ACCIDENTAL SHOTS. She’s just pure Genius and Passionate!

  10. Peter, I agree, Linda did that coz she knew she is creating history…As well she loves fashion!!!Kendrea really developed to the nines. While…on the other hand…Toni no…Not at all…Non of the models today do it because they love modeling… Linda 4ever!

  11. Yes, yes, YES! Can we just all agree that these two girls need to be booked for everything there is, be catapulted into fame nd become a modern equivalent of a supermodel? They have the walk, they have the personality and GOD they have the look. Stunning girls.

  12. This is just sad. It looks more dated than when La Linda did it all those decades ago. Poor Kendra should do something to make her stand out and get noticed. Get a haircut girl! Skip the Cindy nostalgia and go for Gia. Toni, like too many models these days, is coasting on her looks. It’s understandable that models aren’t into the industry as much today because the biz has changed and is more impersonal. Hell, chances are the ones that are really drinking the fashion kool-aid are the ones less likely to succeed because they’re blinded to how the industry operates and end up screwed. The business is harsh and merciless, trust. Anyway, I still maintain that Kate Upton’s cover and ed are the best, though their cover is a close second.

  13. Actually, I think the girls did a very good job. I see Linda’s essence in almost every shot. I think people tend to forget that Linda had a gazillion looks. Even when Linda herself models today, I am amazed when I read a comment about Linda not looking like herself. Seriously, When has Linda EVER looked like herself? To this day, she is constantly reinventing her look and game.

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