We are fascinated with this new series of videos by Nick Knight and his always groundbreaking Showstudio (in collaboration with V Magazine). Outfitted by Carine Roitfeld, Lara Stone demonstrates kick ass self defense moves, using the Israeli system of Krav Maga, all while wearing Givenchy, Balenciaga, Chanel and more.

Kudos to Nick Knight for his statement: “Women should have the right to wear whatever they want, whenever they want, without fear of being attacked. The purpose of these fashion films is to help give women the ability to defend themselves wherever necessary. I’ve always argued fashion has a larger voice, rather than just reflecting beauty, it also assumes a political stance. Get Back, Stay Back! is a very important piece and will show that fashion has a central role in our society. If this story could save one woman from being raped or attacked, it will have served its purpose.”

In a world where women must always be prepared against violent assault, Ms Stone proves you can be totally fierce even in the highest of heels.

Lara wearing Alaia, photo by Nick Knight, image courtesy of Showstudio.

Check out the first video where Lara (in Givenchy and Prada heels) yells: “Get Back, Stay back.”

For other videos, including Lara defending against a knife, a choke and an attack on the floor,
go to Showstudio’s Get Back, Stay Back page.
For images from the shoot, pick up a copy of V Magazine, out on newsstands now.
For more information where Lara got her lessons, go to the Institute of Krav Maga UK, or go to a Krav Maga institute near you.

  1. this is amazing!! get educational video! with as beautiful as lara is, im pretty sure she tells many crazies to “get back, stay back!” while walking down the streets of ny :.P

  2. Good to put this info out there, however, one can not necessarily learn proper self defense by watching a 10 minute or less video alone. This video shows the desired outcome wanted for the model. There are many other variables an attacker could do to fight back. One, an attacker may be a lot stronger than the model and these things may not even work if he can barely feel the blow. Two, a model may be DRUNK and not even coordinated to do these things, which many models are when they are in vulnerable situations. Three, an attacker may have a knife or worse a gun- which most do at least in America, which would change all of this and render most of it void. Four, an attacker may know some martial arts themselves and counter all of these situations with attacks back.

    The best protection a model can do to stay safe is this;

    1, stay sober and drug free so she can think clearly

    2, try avoid dangerous areas and if she has to go in to them for any length of time, try go with a friend she trusts- two people are less likely to be attacked than one

    3, carry a weapon such as at least a can of mace or pepper spray, and a whistle or alarm to blow and make noise

    4, carry a cell phone and be ready to call an emergency number if possible- keep it charged- too many models lose phones and don’t keep them charged!

    5, take a full on martial arts class and become a pro in this

  3. Bruce,

    I think it’s pretty obvious, to me at least, that no one is expecting someone to learn proper self defense by watching a video. I actually practice martial arts so I can say that. The most exciting thing for me, having worked in the industry for 2 decades is that someone as revered as Nick Knight is coming out and saying to these young models to stand up for yourself, do something, and most importantly, to have a voice.

    One of the things I teach my students is that the voice is one of the most powerful weapons a person has. Predators prey on the weak and if someone can practice using her voice assertively, she can literally stop someone in their tracks and get away from a situation. Lara is the perfect person for this shoot, someone they all know and identify with, but who normally doesn’t do that many “speaking” roles.

    But obviously, you gave some great, great advice as well, so thank you for that. Any way we can help women feel empowered and to make smart decisions is amazing.


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