1. Incredible..
    Karl continiously evolves in the most wonderful of ways. Stupendous captures.

    Loving the white neon and that Atelier Versace! The lighting effects that occupy the beautiful facial structure of the women which is further hightened by this wonderful eye makeup could’ve have struck a “usual” chord but it feels like something yet unseen.

    Aymeline is just out of this world and Saskia’s cover – hot damn!

  2. I like these “Neo-Lagerfeld” covers. These are a great contrast to his usual B&W. The cover girls are all on a role. I likey Numero Paris.

    (Sidebar: So is Daria, Saskia, and Aymeline the new ‘Trinity’ of the ’10s??

  3. I’m really starting to like Karlie, especially with her recent work. That said, She doesn’t look that well bodywise. She’s like a throwback to the death march models of the 05-08 period, which makes sense coz thats when she started and she probably doesn’t want backlash from the industry a la Gemma (they did that girl wrong). I think a bit of weight gain would make her more womanly and cement her transition. She’d have this Turlington elegance. Bygones. Is anyone dissapointed with the older models i.e. Saskia, Aymeline, Muse and Kati? I was excited when they started, but now I kinda feel like they’re coasting on their novelty. Its too soon to tell for sure with Kati, but I feel she’s just relying on her beauty than modeling. Muse as well. My biggest dissapointment is Aymeline, though. That lady started out with a bang! So much energy and passion, like a vampy Vojnovic but now its not there anymore. Saskia is a poor man’s Stella, thats all i will say about her.

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