Major League

The way Stephen Gan tells it, the story behind V Magazine‘s Sports Issue extravaganza starring Stephanie Seymour is the stuff of fashion legend. “Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele came by V a few days after New Year’s and talked about running into Stephanie Seymour in St Barts over the holidays and said how amazing she looked,” Gan tells MDC “48 hours later, I was standing in a studio and here she is…. fresh from her beach holiday, all sun-tanned and gorgeous!”

Have a look at Sebastian Faena‘s scuba-chic shots of the always iconic Miss Seymour (view the full story on be sure to check out V’s Sports Issue when it hits newsstands Thursday March 1st!

  1. She is a REAl Supermodel. Dont get used to seeing your little robots, this woman has a name! and its no secret she’s admitted to her boob job. She’s had them her whole career, lol.

  2. real or fake.. I didn’t expect to scroll down and see Stephanie Seymour amazing natural/plastic breast, anyways. She looks great @GP not even close, Janice is flambe.

  3. Jamie, I totally agree with you!!!Sporting Linda indeed…

    I wIish Jason Farrer to work again with Steven Meisel… That issues of VI have special place in my libary…

    Regarding Stephanie…She is a(Plastic) Barbie Girl…Instead…
    I prefer to see Peter JR exposing his package. Give your kid a space on the pages… Iam 100% sure he have a lot more to offer… His photos in Industrie from down under are very intriguing with certain tease in it…<3<3<3

  4. OMG
    i mean i saw her paparazzi shoots on the beach but this is… wow… she is brave and gorgeous. STILL.
    if she is plastic (probably cuz the breast part is 2 perky 🙂 – don’t mind me saying that) – can i have her dr number? good job.
    LOVE HER. great work! more.!

  5. This immediately brought to my mind the Evangelista/Meisel “Sporting Linda” editorial from Vogue Italia, too, when I first saw this post. But nevertheless, Seymour looks fantastic!

  6. Christ!! Stephanie looks AMAZING, I like the fact that she does look 45, face-wise, and yet she looks gorgeous. And don’t get me started on the body. WOW!

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