The Upton Effect

The sexy market just got a little more competitive thanks to the meteoric rise of Kate Upton. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition was a major coup, but the momentum keeps building with cover after cover. From a Marilyn Monroe turn on the latest Muse Magazine, to upstaging Don Draper himself on Esquire, it seems Kate is gunning for that numero uno slot on Top Sexiest. Only time will tell if the blonde bombshell will make an impact with the high fashion crowd and snag the coveted honors but we can’t remember the last time a newbie made such a splash!

Kate by Sebastian Faena for Muse Magazine

Her now infamous cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Stealing Jon Hamm’s jacket and thunder on the cover of Esquire by Yu Tsai

  1. It’s hard to decide which cover she looks trashiest on.

    I guess (straight) men will dig her but that is probably the only segment of the population she appeals to……which means she has absolutely no crossover appeal.

  2. Trashy? Are you kidding me Im gay but i think she is a breath of fresh air in the world of super skinny unattractive models…

  3. I m sure lot of boys love her but please let that girl out of the fashion industry! Jeeze what’s wrong with muse and don’t tell me she can crossover! Candice can, her NO!

  4. Ok she kinda reminds me of Marilyn Monroe in the Muse Cover! I’m not saying she looks like her, but there is something in her face or her pose, or her hair maybe, stunning anyway! pity about the other two covers, unfortunately they’re a bit tacky!

  5. The airbrushing on her breasts is tragic. The SI cover is horrific as is the Esquire. But she actually seems to be very pretty. The Muse cover is quite nice.

  6. I love Kate and I dont like so much the SI Cover but the Muse cover and photoshoot inside is GREAT!
    And she’s actually one of the most sexiest models in the world, right now!

  7. kate is on the roll!!!! ugly trannies looking girls and their supporters might be hatin but barbie dolls are always IN.PEACE!

  8. I’m all for curves and blonde hair; however lack of bone structure on a “model” makes me scratch my. The 90s Supermodels were gorgeous and curvy yet still looked like elegant fashion super duper models. Kate while hot looks like another hot chick.

  9. If her boobs weren’t so big, she would have never even gotten the SI cover.

    She’d make an excellent porn star though.

  10. She’s pretty, but is a average American blond. I feel that Kate Upton, Brooklyn Deckler, and January Jones are getting too much credit for being “bombshells” a.k.a curvy, when really, they are not. There beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but I think there’s is other women out there that have real curves and would beg to differ… like myself.

  11. why i people getting so riled up about wether or not she’s a “real model”… She’s obviously not being marketed towards that.

    Still personally, I think the Muse cover is cool, she looks prettier there. The others are not my taste :/

  12. Haters gonna hate but Miss Upton has a leg up over every voldermort-lookalike strutting the cat walk right now in actually becoming a (dare i say it?) supermodel. She’ll never shill tweed for Chanel but she has controversy on her side. She has more mainstream recognition than any model in the last ten years and it’s obviously planned (three covers in one month, a pseudo controversy and spectacularly bitchy comments from someone who is in a company known to promote a clone-like bratz doll aesthetic to the masses) I don’t know if it’s Kate or her management but this is extremely well played and shrewd. While most people will be distracted by the boobs and the bleached hair as they’re wont to do (remember Lara?) our girl Kate is building her brand and probably move on to film or TV. She’s only 19 and she’s making waves. I’m not impressed by her detractors as they seem to be sheep and overlook some vital points e.g. she doesn’t choose the image that makes the cover. Hopd Kate makes the best of her moment.

  13. Kate is beautiful, obviously. She is in magazines and on covers. But she doesn’t have that strangely, abnormally beautiful bone structure that other supers do. That is my opinion.

  14. The reason I don’t like her is because people keep referring her to as a supermodel, which she is not and will not ever be. Christy, Naomi, and Linda are the ones that coined that term and Upton’s career is nothing like that. You’re not a supermodel unless you’ve done high fashion. It’s a shame what the media has done to ruin this term. Now all you need is a big set of boobs and BAM, everyone will start calling you a supermodel.

    And, on a side note, I read an interview with her in which the reporter asked what she thought about being called a “page 3 footballers wife” and she had the AUDACITY to say something like “Gisele is a footballers wife, so I’m in good company.” Honey, do yourself a favor and NEVER say something stupid like that again.

  15. The SI is terrible. The boos look like they are pressed and the bikini is way too small…it looks trashy…disappointing.

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