A Touch of Grey

Grey Magazine is known for their moody black and white covers of haunting beauties, but for their latest issue they offer an appealing mix of styles on 4 very different covers. Georgia May Jagger gets the Chadwick Tyler treatment in an unexpected gritty turn, Antonia Wesseloh is sitting pretty in a shot by Ellen von Unwerth, Caterina shows off that bejeweled Prada collection in Manuela Pavesi’s cover and last but not least, Kelly Mittendorf gives avant-garde edge to Ralph Lauren’s classic designs in an image by Shiela Metzner.

Georgia May Jagger by Chadwick Tyler in Prada, styled by Valentina Ilardi Martin

Antonia Wesseloh by Ellen von Unwerth in Balenciaga, styled by Lotta Volkova Adam

Caterina Ravaglia by Manuela Pavesi in Prada, styled by Moreno Galatà

Kelly Mittendorf in Ralph Lauren by Sheila Metzner styled by Valentina Ilardi Martin

  1. i only like ellens cover the rest fall flat and chadwick tylers cover does nothing for me again, its very his style which is making girls look less attractive and although people will bemoan that and say its real and raw, all girls aren’t so droopy black eyed,gaunt, sleepy and sad.

  2. @BS you sound frustrated. Where are your images? 😉
    and, you are missing the point of a beautiful portrait.
    You are the one in a sad spot. I don’t think Georgia ever was picture this way. She looks stunning.

  3. I Love Kelly’s cover too and I am looking forward to see Sheila Metzner story. So long i haven’t seen an editorial from her.

  4. To BS: I would love to see what you actually like.
    The usual evergreen fake glossy shot?
    Where the models usually look so retouched they become unreal. Write something constructive next time.

  5. I LOVE GEORGIA MAY! Chadwick never fails!
    Finally she looks like herself and not like Brigitte Bardot.
    To me she is a mix of Lara Stone and Kate Moss.
    Absolutely stunning! My favorite model at the moment.
    Thank you to GREY Magazine! 🙂 Looking forward to see the whole editorial. Can’t wait!

  6. Kelly! Kelly! Kelly!
    Look at that stare, so impressive and strong! Love this image. Sheila Metzner? Really? That’s sooooooo great!! She is back into editorials! Can’t wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. in reply to all the comments made in response, you all did exactly what i thought and wrote about the real and raw nature of the shot, @newaddition i don’t have shots to show and have no desire too, its not what i do, i work in casting and have seen the personalities of these girls and this does not represent them, i made a comment on an artists work that i do not appreciate. @ julie, this shot IS over retouched and i think gerogia may has looked more interesting in numerous pictures, to be more constructive chadwick tylers work is a mix of deborah turbeville and man ray who are both legitimate innovators, and seeing copies of their work that fail to be inspired is a bore. i love glossy fashion images thats what fashion images are since they began, a moment an innovation, a fantasy, a beautiful image that motivates and inspires, my opinion and its only one is that the covers of this magazine fail to do that for me.

  8. I’m totally for Caterina (even if I find the cover with Georgia successful too).
    And about Kelly, I like her really a lot, but in such a shot… I simply can’t see her; and if the “contrast effect” was somehow calculated, well, I can’t love it so much anyway.

  9. To Bs: you are so annoying with your comments.
    Is clear that you have such aN average level of taste in terms of photography and you don’t understand the beauty of a woman.
    Gloss is fake. This is reality. Chadwick is GREAT. He doesn’t copy anyone, his style is consistent. Also, it’s clear that you don’t know the work of Deborah Turbeville and Man Ray (please use capitals for this artists) and check their work better. Also Chadwick is represented by the same agency of Deborah. This means alot. J

  10. To Julie re: BS
    I think that BS is right about comparing Chadwicks work to Deborah Turbeville and Man Ray and I would also add Sarah Moon for some of his images as far as the film treatments and effects. I don’t care for what he does either. I don’t care for “reality t.v.” style fashion photography either. When heroin chic was cool there was a grungy way of making a girl look paired down and raw that still conveyed a message, a story. David Sorrenti, Mario Sorrenti, Nan Goldin, all found ways to really captivate a viewer with their imagery. If Meisels QVC editorial can be taken as a forecaster of the future, I think fashion as we knew it is headed straight to the realm of purely commercially viable. I think the fantasy started to die in 2001 to be honest, and by the recession, you figure no one wants to be reminded that they may not be able to attain the aspirations put forth in some of the more interesting editorials and ad campaigns of the past.

  11. I see you don’t know Deborah Turbeville work either, I see you don’t know Man Ray and you don’t know Sarah Moon.
    You also don’t know the work of Davide Sorrenti or Mario at the time. You guys just should study photography, with the help of a teacher, a mentor or someone to help you understand or just open your eyes. You guys are blind. In this fashion world where everyone copies Chadwick is one which brought something new that a lot of ppl started copying.
    This is the last comment from me because I don’t want to discuss anymore with a group of people which is so ignorant in this matter and just sounds soooooo envious of the success of someone else.


  12. U’RE RIGHT JULIE… defintely right!
    TAKE A LOOK AT SELF SERVICE COVERS..then look at all grey ones present and pasts

  13. I like Antonia’s cover better in terms of style and photography, but I still think she looks too much like Freja. We already have Freja.

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