1. The cover is cool. The photography is simple but it fits the mood. You can focus on the clothes.

    Daria and Aymeline look smashing!

  2. @ macaroon, no but it’s not very different.
    Richardson is very fond of his favorites. I believe only Daria is a new addition.

  3. @ anlable, “Bambi” will probably last longer than all of these models put together because she is conventionally attractive, plus “high” fashion seems to love her.

  4. I’m sorry I don’t want to reply too much but let me say this: if high fashion seems to love her, where are her big campaigns, editorials and runway shows? Until this very moment she’s done nothing that sets her apart from hundreds of other models that are trying to break through, unlike the other models in the ed that are all in the top 20 and deserve it.

  5. Joan should have been on this cover. I mean, how do you have a supermodel inside the editorial, but you put three white girls on the cover instead?

  6. Bambi kind of ruins this. The rest are all major models and they look amazing, and then there’s bambi on the last page giving no expression whatsoever

  7. How funny that these three cover models are also on the cover of Numero March by Lagerfeld (+Karlie). Really the next supers.

  8. I say why is Joan the token? Just did a pop cover. Give another black girl coveted beauty campaigns & lucrative contracts that isn’t so friggin close to white. There’s room for more.

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