Its not every day that a model appears on the cover of a major American fashion glossy. Such things are rare in this day and age and it takes so much more than just a pretty face to make it that far. A girl has to have the tenacity, the look and most importantly the special it-factor that makes her interesting not only to high fashion aficionados but also to the general public. Lara Stone has officially crossed over – take a look at the latest issue of W and you will see the total package -  girl special enough to be revered by fashion yet appealing enough to be pitched to the masses. Steven Klein shoots La Lara as what else – a 21st century Bardot. Stay tuned for more!


Lara Stone by Steven Klein

  1. She looks a bit like Kate Moss here. So stunning and beautiful. I simply love her look all the time

  2. Honestly, I think that Lara looks more interesting than Kate Moss…..She has that really raw sexuality/sensuality that Kate Lacks. Kate has the Style, though…

  3. kate n lara r just 2 unique models who dotn need to be compared to anything else then them self…

  4. well, you cant help but compare lara to kate, both has that unique look that set them apart from their glamazon contemporaries. they are not classic beauties, but rather have debatable ones, that intrigues the eye of the beholder. like looking at a piece of art. but lara in my opinion has more wider range than kate. lara can look innocent and vulgar. sexy and sweet. tough and vulnerable. young and mature. intelligent and wide eyed. masculine and feminine. glam and plain. retro and modern. ethereal and otherwordly. current and classic. sexual and sensual. you name it, she serves it. she s the darling of the fashion world…..i love her!!!

  5. Eh. Another generic white girl model. Miss the days of Tatjana Patitz, Renee Simonsen, Paulina Porizkova, Louise Vyent, Nadege, Karen Alexander, Talisa Soto, Yasmin Le Bon, and Fabienne.

  6. in this photo, she looks like a mix of Gisele and Kate. look at the eyes and the mouth.

  7. She looks amazing, I love Lara Stone! But I woulsd like to beg for you guys never write “La” before the name or the surname of someone, it sounds awfull, and La Lara makes me feel really really embarassed!

  8. Okay she is far from “another generic white girl model.” You are just stuck in the late 80s.

  9. i believe in girl, who can puit interest in models besides those annoying cover-hoggin actress (which I do not prefer to see) yuck! but Lara Stone…you keep this up! this is great, girl! oksy! i posted on your other pics above in the daily feed section.

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