Striking A Chord

This season has been full of striking ads and the latest batch doesn’t disappoint when it comes to arresting visuals.

Ph. David Sims | Stylist: Camilla Nickerson

McQueen goes angelic for S/S with Zuzanna Bijoch posing in a heavenly Sims shot that calls to mind classic religious imagery.

Ph. Juergen Teller

Juergen’s ads for Celine are instantly recognizable, but throw in the all star cast of Marie Piovesan and Stella Tennant and you have the makings of an unforgettable ad.

Ph. Daniel Jackson | Stylist: Tiina Laakkonen | Hair: Didier Malige | Makeup: Hannah Murray

Is there anything Candice Swanepoel can’t do? The South African beauty pulls off dark hair and some serious yoga poses in the debut ads for Prabal’s label. Those stunning violet dresses from the show have never looked better.

Ph. Ryan McGinley | Models: Bradley Soileau, Charlotte Free, David, Dempsey Stewart, Ehren Dorsey, and Herieth Paul

Butterflies float across the page in Ryan McGinley’s ethereal shots for Edun. The soft colors and cast of ultra-cool newcomers makes this shoot memorable.

  1. Wow, Zuzanna is one of the most popular models right now. Good for her! Love the campaign.

    Not really feeling the other campaigns. Thought Marte Mei van Haaster was also in Celine? Maybe she was cut.

  2. Candice!! Wow!

    Yes I think Karlina Caune,Marte Mei Van Haaster and Gertrud Hegelund also shot the Celine..

  3. “The South African beauty pulls off dark hair and some serious yoga poses in the debut ads for Prabal’s label.”

    serious yoga poses? what kind of yoga classes do you guys go to?

  4. Juergen Teller’s photography NEVER captivated my attention. Stupid settings and plain boring photos. Marc Jacobs and Celine should discontinue using him.

  5. Talking about McQueen, I absolutely think it ain’t bad, but… for how I love the SS12 collection (really a lot) and loved the show, I expected something… certainly somehow different. Somehow more… “dramatically astonishing”?, yep, something like that… and waaaay less ethereal – just the opposite in fact.

  6. Candice is such a striking model with such passionate posing, I really like seeing something new with body movement. And of course, the McQueen is breathtaking… OBVII….

  7. McQueen lost its edge. Something more striking would have complimented the sugary ethereal gowns. Who knew McQueen would go all fairy princess on us? But the focus is on the dress so i guess it works. Its just disapointing though, especially since there has been this pervasive trend of girlifying fashion. First the models, then the clothes. Bygones. On a slightly better note, Henrieth’s profile in the EDUN campaign is everything. She could have done well in the LV campaign. Hope that only the best of jobs are in store for her.

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