The Surreal Life

When Steven Meisel selects a model from thousands of girls working today, it means something. It takes a special girl to captivate the industry’s premier photographer and Laura Kampman has done just that. Take a look at her Vogue Italia cover story to see just what Miss Kampman brings to the table: her off-kilter appeal is showcased in a series of surrealist shots that owe as much to Dali as they do to Meisel. Looking at home in black veils and blue lips, Laura enlivens some of fashion’s most original pieces. Karl TemplerPat McGrath and Guido Palau‘s talents combine to create a beautiful showcase for the season’s infatuation with the otherworldly and the special girl who captures the mood of the moment.

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  1. I dont see anything special in Laura, but this editorial couldn’t be wrong with meisel and this styling. I just dont see it. she has a nice body but in the runway she gives me nothing.

  2. Runway is not that important anyway. I’d rather see her walk 10 blue chip shows, maybe even less.
    I think she’s amazing!

  3. Runway? she’s only walked for Calvin and Balenciaga, what could you possibly be judging her runway ability on @Donna? 2 blue chip show exclusives, a blue chip campaign exclusive and a Meisel exclusive. I don’t think you could ask for a better 6 months.

  4. from the story (and not the cover image), laura’s face reminds me of guinevere and sandra bernhard. no wonder meisel loves her!

    and i get “irving penn” more than anything else when looking at the images (cover & story).

  5. “this could be anyone lets be real”

    Maybe. But having followed Meisel’s work for years, I am going to say, “maybe NOT.” The poses may look simple to some, but getting the model to interpret Meisel’s (or any photographer’s vision) is something else. Some models can do it. Other’s find it more difficult. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t privy to the “chemistry” that goes on behind the scenes with the photographer and the model. But I’m willing to bet that this girl is has some serious talent.

  6. @gemma. You obviously have nothing to do with this industry. ‘this could be anyone one lets be real’ is a ignorant comment. If this could be anyone shooting with Meisel then he would be just another photographer and Italian Vogue would be just another magazine. Let’s not discount people’s work and profession because you’re just another person unaware of this business.

  7. the concept s wonderful and watching at the video on we all can see the amount of work the whole team must have put it.. the photography impact would not be the same without the major but honestly boring and already seen everywhere already editing ( the fake blurry movement its been done for the part 5 years by any magazine ) …and yes this girl s great !!!

  8. This story will be the inspiration for many more to come, Meisel rocks and this new girl Laura is killing it in my opinion.

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