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Just in case 12 covers weren’t enough for you, take a look at four more from i-D Magazine‘s Whatever the Weather issue – the bold mix of photographic styles, models and even the occasional Spice Girl, gets us very excited for this one. For more on i-D be sure to check out i-D Online. 

Lara Mullen & Matt Ardell by Jeff Bark

Stella Tennant by Sølve Sundsbø

Lara Stone by Alasdair McLellan

Dylan Riley by Hedi Slimane

Victoria Beckham by Josh Olins

  1. Josh Olin’s cover of Victoria Beckham is my favorite because it shows an Icon in a different more fun light, simply love it!

    But honestly they are all so well done!

  2. how many covers is that now for this issue 45??

    Is every image in i-D a cover these days???

    the 12 by Chen were beautiful but now its becoming a joke

    i-D release MORE covers per year now, than when they had an issue each month #afraidtoedit

  3. Any magazine that has more then 3 covers cannot be taken seriously to me… ONE is enough. So many of these won’t even be seen by consumers!

  4. I love Lara Mullen. But this seriously has to be the most awkward cover image. The composition, hair and styling are so random and sloppy. Such a waste as she could be a great cover star.
    Hedi’s cover is nice though! And I weirdly love Vic Beckham here too

  5. Oh!my!god! Stella! Stunning as always!
    Other covers are great too, except Lara’s. I don’t get why i-D can change this gorgeous into something terrible, and this is not the first time.

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