1. So the word is Laura has gone exclusive with Meisel. Good for her!! I like this cover. There’s such an allure. Something about it made me stare for a while (which is a good thing), then the “guessing game” ensued’. Lara looks divine.

  2. Laura looks amazing. Yes she has a 6 month Meiselexclusive but that should be over in a few months. Hopefully she’ll last after that.

  3. Best Italian Vogue cover in a long time! Laura looks unbelievably so different from her Balenciaga. From this I would say she is definitely looking at a long career at the top. No question this girl is a star. Love, love, love!

  4. beautiful.

    laura’s personality inspires me. or her blog anyway.

    also, this may be a stretch but this elegant collage image reminds me of faye dunaway’s montage sequences in “puzzle of a downfall child”…

  5. Duncan Oord did a great job sign this girl in NYModels!!!
    Its so cool she is exclusive with Meisel!!!

    this girl will go far!!!

    mark my words!

  6. Such a classic Vogue Italia cover, THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. Laura looks amazing..it isn’t boring defiantly catches your eye..Can’t wait to see what’s inside.

  7. Im sorry but i dont get whats great about her. I dont see anything special apart from being a favorite to Meisel. I don’t even like her in the runway and this cover is horrible. i wish we could see a different thing from her, maybe from another photographer…

  8. Such a great cover , Laura shines here, her gaze is so intense.. Steven always picks the best new girls. karl’s styling is amazing.

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