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Every edition of Vogue brings its own special brand of chic to the table but who is grabbing your attention for August? First up, Edita Vilkeviciute‘s classic beauty stands out on the cover of Vogue Germany – but can anything overshadow the kitschy polka-dot text?

Sasha Pivovarova looks ladylike on the cover of British Vogue with her power Balenciaga and petal pink pout. The Patrick Demarchelier shot is very pretty but where is the wild and untamed Sasha we’ve come to know and love?

Who did it better this month – Edita on German Vogue or Sasha on Brit?

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  1. Well Edita can do no wrong and Sasha is just sublime. I call it an even draw. They both look beautiful!

  2. Well, I see them as two very different kind of models. Edita is a bit more of a classic beauty while Sasha is a bit more unique. I think both covers have their own unusual appeal even if Sasha’s is resting a bit more on the safe side. Then again, it’s British Vogue so it’s fine to be chic and simple.


  4. German Vogue: Same problem as ever – matching the colors of the dress with the title and the result is boring.
    British: Sasha looks really great but in combination with all the pink text it looks more like an In-Touch-Cover to me…

  5. For overall design and layout. I’d give it to the German edition. The Brit version imo looks very dates…like early 80’s Cosmo. |x

  6. i gotta say US vogue and italia vogue stand out most to me the text the color even the sign of the word vogue sells

    edita has that classic beauty as everyone said
    sasha has a more other worldly beauty and edge

    honestly they both don’t really stand out to me but i love both girls 🙂

  7. Sasha is striking a supermodel pose…and Edita, in this shot, is boring–although the layout colors are beautiful. anyhow, I think Vogue Britain takes it!

  8. that shirt edita’s wearing was on gwen stefani in the recent elle cover…who’s the designer?

  9. Sasha has reached another beauty level on this cover, stunning yet simple!!! British Vogue always look safe and commercial.

  10. Hands down Sasha has the better cover. Her cover not only has hotter fashion and better coloring, but proves Sahsa can mix it up from her usual ‘wild and untamed’ self. In my opinion it’s like relating “Vouge” to “Teen Vogue”. Bravo, Mr. Demarchelier.

  11. yumpopink, Edita’s wearing fall Louis Vuitton on the cover, I think. The necklace as well.
    Sasha’s cover is beautiful, but the text situation at British Vogue is getting ridiculous. They’re a step away from covering their models’ faces with a big G, a la Japanese Vogue.

  12. I think both are beautiful but I have to side with the Sasha Cover..Something more enticing about the poise and windblow

  13. i personally prefer the german cover! but you can tell that the only thing both of them had to do was just stand there and look pretty.

  14. edita rules here. but so does sashas!! idk???? im suprise sasha pulled this, she looks cute, natural, and pink. BUt edita looks very gorgeous and calm, the styling is good, i really dont know

  15. Sasha hands down….Is it even a question! Edita is just standing there. Just because she’s more beautiful as some might say, doesn’t make her the better of the two. Look at Sasha, that girl is werkin!!!! And she always does to the max. It’s the lighting and the components of the cover that make Edita’s shine brighter. Sorry Edita fans. Sasha owns it!

  16. I always prefer Sasha, she is fantastic. But I think Edita is amazing in the shot…she looks so much better

  17. I am laughing at these comments.. Edita Vilkeviciute, for sure. Her beauty simply stand out from those two BORING covers. She is delicate, with nice classic features, whilst Pivovarova can’t get rid of her agressive, always boring face.

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