Marvelously Mysterious

We’ve been curious about Interview Russia since we saw that artfully done Leo DiCaprio cover and now we finally get a peek inside. Steven Pan‘s atmospheric story features Kelly Mittendorf and Patricia van der Vliet  as women of mystery in what might be the world’s poshest library. Sporting big jewels, sleek hair and bold looks from the likes of  Prada & Yves Saint Laurent, both girls look phenomenal. Pan only hints at what the secret behind the come hither looks, but we’re intrigued all the same.

STYLING Karen Kaiser | HAIR Rita Marmor | MAKEUP Kaoru Okubo | PRODUCTION Stacee Robert | ON SITE COORDINATOR Bo Zhang

  1. It’s nice… I don’t really understand the casting. Both girls are stunning, but do they work together in one story? For me they are very different girls so it’s an odd casting choice. I’m not sure if I like all the bare chested shots, not reallly necessary, nudity for nudity’s sake….

  2. i love this two together… great castings…the bone structure reaks of campaign early winning circle… i think i would prefer these two girls. joan smalls, anais mali, fefe and gisele with the rest of the supermodels in that Versace ad…coming up… not that baby-in training ‘ESTHER CANDAIS” lookalike,,, too early for her…

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