After seasons and seasons of celebrity-centric ads Miu Miu is going back to its roots with a campaign that is all about models. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott shoot fresh faces like Mimmi Soderstrom, Hannah Holman, Victoria Tuaz and Whitney Coble in pure black and white with just a hint of color to show off those glorious fall suits and bags. Do you love the switcheroo or are you missing the high drama of last season’s goddess themed campaign with Mrs. Cruise?

Mimmi by Mert & Marcus | Image Credit – Manuva @ tFS

  1. I can’t wait to see more. My favorite Miu Miu campaigns were the young beautiful Angela Lindvall shoots in the 90s. I am so happy to see single girl, new face photos. To me, that is what the Miu Miu look is all about.

  2. arghhh!! im just so mad, this is why MUI MUI is gonna keep going back to celebrities!!! this ad isnt pleasent at all, yes art wise, but this just doesnt SELL!!! this is why theres no supermodels. she looks lyk a monster from a horror film. argh im just so tired of this heroin chick look. its so ugly and horrible, why cant the real cute, sexy, pernality model comeback!!! this ad is the reason why the fashion designers and mags keep using the celebs. I HATE THESE ANAREXIC, SICK LOOKING MODELS

  3. Never liked Katie Holmes as an actress, never liked her as a ‘model’. Last seasons campaign was so lame i think! Im happy that Miuccia decided to go with models this time, it should have been like this since Miu Miu was born in the ´90s. (although the campaigns with Kirsten Dunst and Vanessa Paradis looked AWESOME!)

  4. Congrates to the return of models for miu miu! This can only be good as far as im concerned

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