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The cover says it all – style and personality, the two factors a model needs to not just make it but to make a name for herself. This month’s Vogue Italia is dedicated to the one girl whose electric personality has invigorated the industry for nearly two decades. Kristen McMenamy shines on the cover in sheer black and those omnipresent Prada F/W thigh high boots. With a cover this intriguing we’re curious as to just what Kristen and Steven Meisel have in store for us inside.

Image Credit | Blacklab @ tFS

  1. this is a fashion magazine and a fashion cover! I LOVE IT.
    and kristen is great too…the whole package is perfect.

  2. IM SALIVATING…CANT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON VOGUE ITALIA! I have always been a fan of Kristen, since i was a little kid!! She always rocked my world! It is so great to know that shes placed with DNA and that now we´ll probably be seeing her more often. I remember walking into her in NY in 2003 and my friend called her Kirsten (which made her go maaaaaad!), then she goes ‘kirsten, whos she??’ i almost passed out she was just so much fun, such an easygoing woman, so mature, so beautiful, her aesthetic matches perfectlu her personality. I wish there were more girls like her! I once compared Iris with her – and i still think that way – but Iris will be a star on hwe own, she needs no comparison with Kristen. Ms Mcmenamy is already in a constellation that belongs only to her and to some of her peers with that ‘super’ word attached to their names. Its great to have her back!

  3. few days ago i was asking myself:why Steven is not shooting Kristen anymore?……Here SHE is!TO DIE FOR!!!!!

  4. That’s pretty beautiful, but wow. I had thought it was Iris Strubegger when I first looked at it. Very nice, though!

  5. sofa is red and plush, just like her lips..doesn’t need to be changed at all. beautiful cover!!!


  7. It doesn’t have the trademark “manjaw cheeckbone” look of Kristen, they made her really glam….

    anyways, a shout out…..July 5th

    Happy 22nd Birthday to Caroline Trentini!!!

  8. I knew she had to come back….. now bring back in the later 90’s- 04 interesting girls like marianna wiekert, michele ferrara, mini anden, sierra, bekah jenkins,haylynn cohen, maggie rizer, amy lemons, heather knese, you know type of girls Tom Ford would find. these girls now of days all look alike or the agents try to cast the new as something when clearly she looks like Daria, Sasha, or whom ever… As a kid during that period I inspired by the development stages of “ACTUAL” new fresh face. Kristen Mc was start of that era.. Welcome back KRIS!

  9. My favourite Model of all time (Apart from Naomi of course) is BACK!!!

    All these new ‘cool’ ‘quirky’ models ahve absolutely nothing on her.

    A proper SUPER-model. they just don’t make them like that anymore.


  10. Beautiful Shot! def. Cover worthy… SUper Excited About Kristen’s comeback… She is legend!

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