Image Adjustments

With top models, A-List photographers and a fresh outlook, popular brands are redefining their image just in time for campaign season.

PHOTOGRAPHY Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
STYLING Karl Templer
MODELS Arran SlyJoan SmallsLara StoneMatthew TerryMyles CrosbyToni Garrn

CK knows how to create an image filled with sex appeal and they’ve never shied away from pushing the envelope when it comes to visuals. CK Jeans’ ads are as much about the sex appeal of Lara Stone and Toni Garrn as they are about the brightly colored denim. Fabien Baron‘s creative direction keeps this M&M wet n’wild extravaganza on the sleek side, but make no mistake the line is out to turn up the heat with these shots.

PHOTOGRAPHY Alexi Lubomirski
STYLING Patti Wilson
MODELS Brad Kroenig, Tallulah Morton, Julia Dunstall & Alicia Rountree

Brad Kroenig as an easy rider? That’s a concept we can get behind. True Religion focuses on personality for Spring with ads themed around denim clad mavericks, wanderers and rebels. The American west plays a strong role in Alexi’s imagery as does Patti Wilson’s always inventive styling. Check out the behind the scenes video for a sense of the atmosphere on the day of the shoot.

PHOTOGRAPHY Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin
STYLING Melanie Ward
MODELS Anna Selezneva

Juicy has pulled in heavy hitters Inez & Vinoodh to focus on the line’s fashionable side. Does Anna S. looking chic on the streets of Los Angeles make you forget about those ubiquitous velour sweatsuits? Maybe not, but I&V will always give you a great shot of a blonde tossing her hair.

STYLING Kate Phelan
MODELS Lara Mullen, Magda Laguinge & Marihenny Pasible

Two sides to every young woman – the glamorous diva and the girl next door, Topshop illustrates the concept via contrasting Olins images of the campaign’s fresh faces. It is impressive how high end Topshop’s fast fashion pieces look with the right styling. If we didn’t know better we’d swear that white dress on Marihenny was Versace…

PHOTOGRAPHY Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
STYLING Ludivine Poiblanc
MODELS Alison NixAshley SmithCatherine McNeilDmitriy TannerLiu WenMaria PalmPatrick Kafka & Simon Nessman

A massive robot, a dollhouse on fire, Catherine McNeil emerging from a potted plant, Diesel goes for the offbeat with their wide array of props and while we’re not sure what the overarching message behind this imagery is, but it is certainly striking.

  1. I don’t understand how mert and marcus do such a great campaign for CK and such a bad one for Diesel. The Diesel one does not look like their in any way at all.

    The Topshop ads are so boring – they have looked the same for years and do not develop in anyway at all – stagnant. the girls even look bored. Everyone needs to shake it up a bit.

    Campaigns used to be so inspiring – whats going on?!?!

  2. we love to hear Madonna rap…her song ‘Vogue’ for example rules…CK campaign wins here hands down…true religion video clip is nice but the stills lack…juicy falls flat with poor composition although nice location, top shop is a dreadful mess, and diesel seems to be smoking crack, worshiping satan, and like to kill small children in house fires

  3. I much prefer Inez and Vinoodh and Selezneva for Juicy Couture . Meisel for juicy couture was okay but the model casting couldn’t have been more wrong .

    Also , Toni Garrn is one of the biggest beauties in modelling at the moment .More campaigns for her please . Toni Garrn , Sui He and Getrud Hegelund are destined for top 10 models .

  4. On the CALVIN KLEIN campaign, they actually hired a STYLIST, what for???? to put an ankle bracelet on her???????????????????????????????????????????

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