Under the Sea

Fashion’s fixation with all things aquatic played out on the S/S runways with a barrage of scuba inspired looks and gilded creations worthy of The Little Mermaid. Never ones to simply showcase a trend, Dazed & Confused offers an abstract take on the look with a brilliantly styled story shot by Sharif Hamza. As an otherworldly surfer-cum-fantasy girl, Emily Baker shines while Karen Langley pushes boundaries with her shape shifting selection of looks that seem crafted from coral. Amazing makeup by Lisa Houghton and slick hair courtesy of Rudi Lewis complete the look, but keep your eyes peeled for some incredible shell pieces from Peeble London!

  1. I love this, the whole theme and styling of it. Scuba theme and Emily Baker has such a unique look to here, but i think she needs to close her mouth a little but she looks fresh and gorgeous.

  2. HI Janelle!!! Yes Sporting Linda, thats the editorial!!! Copy Paste—>Dazed…Honestly Iam tired and bored of reinventing editorials…

    Today i discoverd an upcomming photographer randomly on tumblr…

    his tumblr page is http://www.vasko7.tumblr.com, i adore the photo of Chloe Memisevic on his profile…check out!

  3. Love Emily here in all the images. What a great new talent. Martin there is no relation to the Meisel story at all, you are trying way too hard to make a point that isn’t there. Bravo to Karen, such inventive styling, make up is gorgeous too, but best of all it’s great to see Emily have a big story all on her own!!

  4. Martin, copy paste what?! Are you kidding these stories are totally different. Beautifully unique story here, the styling is really inventive and highly creative. Emly looking incredible as per! X

  5. Martin you are delusional! This story is much better excecuted, than that mess Mr. Farrer did for Vogue Italia.

  6. Emily is amazing, and… she can stand any kind of styling so successfully, and this totally confirms it (something like what she showed @ Rag & Bone last season is simply unforgettable).
    From another point of view, yep, great intensity, but… a loooong time ago I said I would have probably missed shots like the ones she did for 1am magazine (by Marissa Findlay), and in fact this intesity she’s often been asked to express has become some kind of semi-exclusive trademark – when Emily is and can be way more than just that imo.

  7. Maurice, thank you for your lovely nice words!!!
    If Iam delusional, i have no words to express your dirt…
    Who will remember Baker in 5years?Second MR Farrer did that editorial with Steven Meisel. So,shut up!

  8. this doesnt look anything like the Meisel story-and just cause its Meisel doesnt mean its flawless anyways. this story is inventive and the styling is great-although a little over retouched in the skin for my taste. Emily Baker is fantastic.

  9. Emily looks great. ANd I love Karen Langley when he does perfect minimal styling. I find this is a bit all over the place. I do not think the 3rd and 4th images relate to each other at all. I say leave crazy layering to Marie Chaiix or Robbie Spencer or Panos Yiapanis.

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