Just Kids

If a campaign is the visual representation of a house’s current mood, what are Balenciaga‘s S/S ads saying about the storied label? Captivating new faces Laura Kampman, Juliane Grüner, Rosie Tapner & Kirstin Liljegren star in Steven Meisel‘s images as a rag-tag bunch of girls gone grunge. The inspiration? None other than the legendary Patti Smith – take a look at her personal photos from the book Just Kids, to see where the campaign gets its spirit. The look is recreated with bedhead courtesy of Guido Palau, smoky makeup by Pat McGrath and Marie-Amélie Sauvé‘s artful styling. A dilapidated hotel room and those larger than life accessories from the spring collection also play a pivotal role.

Patti Smith and Sam Shepard

  1. Balenciaga… I honestly don’t know how i feel about this, I want to say I like it..but when i look at the images I get bored. The styling is amazing, the clothing looks great. The models are boring..Why does Balenciaga keep using these inexperienced models that don’t know who to grab you into the image, If your advertising YOU WANT PEOPLE TOO LOOK AT THE PICTURE.`to buy the clothing, i have no problems with newcomers but these girls are boring..look the same. The cast should have been Marique Schimmel,Nyasha Matonhodze,Hailey Clauson and Aline Weber they fit the look of models that the way better..I don’t know.. it’s alrighhhttt.

  2. the casting may not be the best but the images are AMAZING !!!! especially bocs of the awesome set


  4. love it, better then the previous ad. but the cherry of balenciaga’s cake my oppinion is spring 2006 ad campaign, that was all star…miss those days

  5. this balenciaga’s campaign does NOT interest me at all.. models look so boring and neither do i… i think meisel could have done much better than this

  6. This is a great campaign, great cast, Steven & Co have captured the essence of “Just Kids” to a tee. The bored,dull expression of creative youth, the bright white messy set & the bold Balenciaga pieces..Genius..

  7. The translation of the inspiration is perfect. The execution of the concept is marvelous (it could’ve used some more energy from the models though). BUT the whole idea just doesn’t work for the brand and the collection. This is not something you want to see as an advertisement: it’s not eye catching enough and you need to know the entire story behind it to figure out what’s going on. You want to make your point in the blink of an eye when you make a campaign so that people get it, want it and buy it. This does none of that.

  8. Oh, I’m so glad someone else noticed how this sounded like her Smith’s description of her messy rooms and the process of getting dressed with RM. When I first saw one pic from this campaign, I didn’t get it. Last week, when I saw them all together, a light went off (having recently read Just Kids) and there it was. Now I love it.

    Sadly, people who think the models looking bored means the models are boring just don’t get it. This is so great.

    I love the old tv and the girl using the remote in the wrong direction (Patti explains that they had a tv in their room at the Chelsea Hotel but they never bothered getting it hooked up).

  9. I like the concept and the reference, BUT I’m not sure if they’re the most fitting to this collection…
    I’ve always love CONTRASTING ideas that blend well, but this is just a little too far OFF for me…
    The juxtaposition of the elements and the collections is toooooo MESSED up… you almost feel disgusted when you look at the clothes (BUT i LOOOOOVE this collection!!!)


  10. Ahh I see, I di not like it at all either, but now I guess I get it. Loved “Just Kids” so much and this isn’t nearly as exciting as what I imagined as I read. Agree that the casting is meh.

  11. The beauty of the book for me was how amazingly inspired and creative Patti and Robert were and that was SO exciting. These models look completely uninspired not excited/creative/revolutionary like Patti.

  12. cute … but hoped nyasha matonhodze would be in campaign… a big let down as she did close the show

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