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Two menswear looks we loved and a couple we didn’t. Sound off in the comments and tell us what you’ve been into so far this season. Be sure to click on the photos to see the collections in full on NowFashion!

With all the hoopla over actors filling out the finale of Prada‘s F/W collection, you may have overlooked the beautifully conceived collection. Miuccia’s masterful meditation on male power featured an array of memorable looks that treated the subject matter with humor. Football helmet prints on oh so serious top coats, denim sneaking into formal wear and a whole lot of  thoughtful nods to diplomats, dictators and military men of influence. Adrien Brody especially looked dapper in his red shades and fur – potential Oscar outfit? Time will tell.

Versace refers to this particular pattern as floro-flague and we’re not sure if we love the audacity of it, or hate the very idea of such a thing. It is somewhat memorable though – even with that horrific lime green fur collar. We do admire River Viiperi‘s ability to look good in even the most outlandish pieces –  that has to count for something.


Italo Zucchelli’s Calvin Klein collection was intended as a tribute to New York’s unique blend of modernism and tradition. Definitely a fitting idea and a sweatshirt with croc accents certainly encapsulates the concept accurately, but we’re still having a hard time imagining where exactly this sort of piece fits outside of the editorial pages. Where will you be wearing your exorbitantly priced croc hoodie? Other than the obvious answers of Le Bain, Equinox and in every Pitti Immagine Uomo street style picture taken next year.

OIC Etro

If you lost the sweater and dyed this violet you would have the ultimate performance wardrobe for Prince. Alas, these are not the purple one’s touring ensembles and as such we can find no logical excuse for this combination of elements. Orange velvet, a cowboy hat, one of Bill Cosby’s old sweaters – the mix is confusing and we usually like Etro’s unique melange of influences.

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  1. right, coz you know what you are talking about! since when people who are dealing with models, can pretend knowing anything about clothes? All these show reviews are completly useless. sorry., WWD…. they do it better.

  2. These aren’t reviews of the entire collection. The concept is simple – two looks we like, two looks we don’t.

    I never realized that having an opinion on something was such a dangerous conceit.

  3. Well, I have to say, Etro, no matter what, looks absolutely unsttractive, looks like cowboy on acid, and the Versace look itself looks quitely different, but still, Donatella had an overdose of print and color on that look, I don’t know about you, but the Calvin Klein collection was spectacular, all looks looked very wearable.

  4. Pedro, I think the Calvin collection was doing a lot with texture that I liked. There were a couple elements that threw me for a loop, but who can deny the consistency of Italo’s craftmanship, not to mention the quality of the materials. Look 40 on David A was perfection as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Calvin Klein, Moncler GB and Versace are my top three, for actual cool wearable pieces. And about 5 items from Dolce & Gabbana and I’m done. No denim jackets from anyone either.
    I don’t see eye to eye with suits/tailoring yet.

  6. prada and etro are kinda scary to wear., looks like a butchers apron and a walking carpet (sorry)..
    ck is very futuristic and i <3 it..
    versace seems more things goin' on the prints that makes me think if that piece belongs to Joker.. but since River Viiperi wore it and he still look sooo beautiful it is exceptional…

  7. I agree with Janelle with the choices, even though the actors turned models is not my thing ( The guy from Tron grabbed his ass on the runway!!! WTF?!). The look of Versace is a bit over the top but I loved the casting and some other looks looked a bit like Galliano. Calvin Klein was great, I didn’t fell asleep!! That’s something and once again amazing casting! The look from Etro looks weird, I can’t put my finger on what is wrong but I don’t like it

  8. honestly the Prada collection was one of the most disappointed show she ever put together n she must have known since she used all those big actors for the first time

  9. Flawless review, Janelle. I should start visiting MDC more often for unbiased reviews. KEEP IT UP, SERIOUSLY. I want to make this my one stop shop.

    I can imagine the day Tim Blanks rates a collection as “OIC” as the day becomes relevant.

  10. I am not that arty, so i cannot tell why people love prada in this season. Giorgio Armani is always the best for men. Super Elegant and wearable.

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