PreFall & Pre-Fails

Two pre-fall looks we love, two pre-fall looks we don’t.
The collections dissected with commentary- every other day till the pre-season wraps.

This look isn’t reinventing the wheel, but Derek made the whole sage utilitarian thing look so luxe on Caroline Brasch Nielsen that we can’t help but love it. Wearable, practical and completely in line with the pre-fall aesthetic.

The problem with being a consumate trendsetter is that sometimes you’re just too ahead of the curve. Nicolas Ghesquiere has perfectly approximated what we’ll all be wearing post-apocalypse, right down to the multiple hats and protective gloves. We can barely see the lovely Marte Mei van Haaster beneath all this!

Who can argue with perfection? This dramatic Nina Ricci number looks couture worthy on Josephine Skriver.

When Stella McCartney labeled herself “too sensible” earlier in the week we failed to see the problem, however after viewing these glorified long johns we’re starting to understand where she’s coming from. There is a time and a place for thermal underwear and pre-fall is not it. Even Marique Schimmel can’t pull off Snuggie-chic.

  1.,you better prepare yourselves to be sued by Balenciaga for defamation;>

    But you only said taht the king/s naked:>

  2. I would agree with this post if the “liked” looks were actually interesting. Yes Balenciaga stretched it a bit and Stella McCartney had some questionable silhouettes but at least you can know the design process was pushed to new levels. Nina Ricci has been a joke since Olivier Theyskens left and Derek Lam is not bad but it’s not aesthetically challenging.

  3. Lol at Balenciaga…perfect outfit for mushroom pickers! Haha
    Problem with Stella is that she will ask us to pay god know how much for this ugly PJ. Girl wake up and stop searching in Tesco and Asda for ideas!

  4. Derek Lam is gorgeous, that coat is amazing, i haven’t really seen anything like that. The cut of the jeans, the length of the shirt creates such a utilitarian chic look i love it.

    BALENCIAGA, has some good ideas like the hat and ear rings but that dress and gloves, way dated maybe not even dated just ugly, i like the boots edgy design, overall it’s okay, can’t wait to see the Fall collection.

    Nina Ricci wow, it’s new to see a gowns as part of a Pre Fall.

    Stella McCartney -______- the boots are nice but that jumpsuit is awful, women how buy Stella minimal and chic women this is way to edgy for them.

  5. LOL at Balenciaga. Perfect outfit for mushroom pickers. And if u live in the woods u should def get one!
    Problem with Stella is that she will ask us god knows how much for this weird PJ. Girl wake up and stop gettin ur ideas from Tesco or Asda!:/
    Derek Lam – pure perfection! For sure it was b4 but who cares! It looks so fab!

  6. I am normally all for Balenciaga’s fashion forward-ness, but this collection is really abrasive.
    Just a thought – how on Earth would you go to the bathroom in that Stella McCartney design?

  7. I’ve never been to keen on Pre-Fall collections so I don’t undestand what is the “pre-fall aesthetic”

  8. Derek Lam lloks like one Balenciaga collection from 2 or 3 years ago.
    I love Balenciaga but the dress and the boots are way too much “avant garde”
    For me Nina Ricci is boring so that’s it.
    For some reason I kinda like McCartney but not to much.
    I wish you review the Givenchy Pre-fall collection, I loved it and I’m waiting for the menswear show, because I already saw some pieces!

  9. Not on the guest list – I can clarify that. I think the prefall aesthetic is all about clothing that is wearable and multi-functional. These are outfits meant to be worn in between two seasons so they have to be versatile and somewhat practical without losing any of the glamour.

    Interesting responses to this post! Nice to hear feedback!

  10. @not on the guestlist; you’re thinking of Balenciaga A/W 2007-8 I think – I loved that collection! However Derek Lam seems a bit timid in comparison, and have an “already-seen-it ” written all over CBN.
    Of these four slightly different pf’s I’d still go for Balenciaga – its the only one which have some sort of fun energy and nowness to it, although it remind us a lot of previous Acne collections.

  11. Talking about models, if I can’t understand what Marte is doing in such a context (btw she’s a model I like a lot), Caroline and Marique look great as usual – and Josephine is simply the quintessential expression of Nina Ricci and its romantic identity.
    PS btw I totally agree with considerations about “prefall aesthetic”, it’s somehow a world apart…

  12. it s very funny commenting on the Balenciaga disaster but not mentioning that the look u like from Lam s a balenciga rip off from the winter 2007 🙂

  13. ^ Reminds me also of Balenciaga Spring 2006 considering that he took the same silhouette from that collection and redid it in different fabrics for Winter 2007. Didn’t mention it about the Lam because really everyone rips off everyone, designers even rip off themselves these days.

  14. please dont write any reviews when u dont know anything about fashion designs!!! i dont only mean the Balenciega post but its all so subjective, out of context…if u dont like derek lam or stella, why not talking about the one u like at least…

  15. Michael if you read the post you’d see that we did like Derek Lam and the whole post is about two looks we like, two looks we didn’t.

    Thanks for the “u don’t know anything about fashion designs!!!” diss.

  16. it s not a rip off when u use ur own archive lol
    plus i m sorry but putting Lam in the same spot with Balenciaga makes me laugh as much as the review that tisci got on about his must have of the season boots that r just a bad version of what chanel did over 10 year ago

  17. thanks for your answer Janelle. However lets leave critics to Suzy Menkes or as they are real authorities when it comes to reviews

    Wasnt this website about models anyway?

  18. “The world changed when fashion instead of being a monologue, became a conversation. And that’s never going to stop.” – Suzy Menkes

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