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Were there an actual Italian Vogue channel we would watch it 24/7 as it would most certainly trump some of the lackluster “fashion” television on the air right now. The Conde Nast entertainment division has yet to provide us with such an incredible gift, but if the January Vogue Italia coverstory is anything to go by there is certainly potential for hilarity and hijinks. Sending up the popular Home Shopping networks with a Steven Meisel story featuring top models is a brilliant idea and one that translates beautifully. While we doubt that you’re ever going to be able to buy that Chanel gown off the back of Daria Strokous QVC, it is amazing to see the land of snuggies and SlapChops invaded by high fashion. With stellar hair by Jimmy Paul and gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana makeup by Pat McGrath all this story needed as a cameo by Joan Rivers to push it over the top and into the realm of iconic editorials.

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Michelle Harper & Natasha Poly

Kegan Webb with Paula Patrice, Gertrud Hegelund & Karlie Kloss

  1. Couldn’t you post more pictures?
    I really love this story. It’s really creative and Meisel proves ones again he’s the best.
    Everything and everyone looks at their best.

    Daria Strokous should switch places with Monika Jagaciak in the top 50 IMHO. She really has a lot of work.
    (BTW the new Jil Sander campaign she’s in is breathtaking)

  2. Legally I can’t post any more than that. Sorry for the inconvenience but if you click the link to Vogue Italia’s site you can see the entire story.

  3. Oh I have seen the entire story and I think it’s briliant that’s why I asked if you couldn’t post more. But thanks

  4. I love this editorial but i don’t like the cover at all. Natasha should have got the cover, her shots are so iconic, especially the one wearing Dolce & Gabbana. Meisel rules

  5. for me the perfect cover would have been the Gucci pic with all the girls! or Natasha and Joan, I mean, I really like Daria, and I’m glad she’s on the cover, but that picture in Gucci is just stunning! Natasha deserves the vogue italia coveeer!

  6. Natasha is a woman among girls. She looks amazing in that D&G shot and even more amazing in the video. She makes the other girls look like amateurs.

  7. I’m sorry but am I the only one who DOESN’T get the appeal? I’m actually dead serious when I say, someone please explain…

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