Class Act

Only a few more days until V60 hits newsstands and while the issue remains a mystery there are a few choice tidbits emerging. The theme of the issue revolves around beauty so its no surprise the lovely Iris Strubegger makes an appearance. Shot by Willy Vanderperre in an editorial that focuses on the deconstructed look of fashion’s 1940s inspired styles, Iris looks as impressive as ever. An added pleasure is Olivier Rizzo‘s expert styling, which makes the story pop with its surreal take on classic dressing.

This is just a taste of what’s to come, for the full story check out V60 on stands July 6th!





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  1. Im starting to like Iris now…but i owe it all to some photographers, she will always be the one who filled the void left by Kristen. People might not like this speficic point of view, but its true…

  2. well i don’t like what they do with the girls, they always look… weird….
    the styling is cool though.

  3. I Like Iris… She Is def. A clothes hanger! Beautiful face… But she has no body language…def. not editorial enough for me..

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