Here We Go Again…

Old ideas are the new black when it comes to campaigns this season. Seems as though the recession has everyone playing it safe either with a concept we’ve seen before or an idea that feels redundant.

Michael Kors sticks to his guns with the same campaign we’ve seen from him ever season. Carmen Kass, Noah Mills and the perils of international celebrity. Granted, Mario Testino‘s work is always beautiful and both Carmen and Noah are pros but wouldn’t it be nice to see something ever so slightly different? Couldn’t old school Hollywood glamour be represented in a way that doesn’t involve pseudo-paparazzi shots?

For YSL the 90s supermodel by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin theme remains intact but this time around it’s the divine Christy Turlington. As cool as Stefano Pilati’s jet black getups look on the runway they seem a little flat in these pictures. Add to this the fact that poor Christy has to prop up a giant YSL logo frame while thrusting a handbag in our faces and you’ve got the makings of something awkward. Couldn’t they have gotten someone else to hold that thing up? Was there not enough cash in the budget for an able-bodied male model?(Edited to add: apparently he’s coming later; Andres Velencoso Segura will be joining Miss Turlington).

Finally, we have Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld, with darlings Freja Beha and Heidi Mount looking positively sapphic in their “Belle Brummel” hats and gowns. The idea is quite lovely but the drab sepia tones take away from the fact that the best parts of the collection itself were brimming with color and life. At the end of the day it’s all about the clothes…

What do you think about these ads? I’m all ears.


  1. I agree with you…

    In this times ads should bring more people to the stores, and this are proves of simple done bad…the setting for YSL does nothing for the clothes, that as you said look totally flat, the ads look very dated…same goes with Chanel…

    they should learn a thing or two from MaxMara

  2. I think the YSL one is the worst ad under Pilati’s reign…and if anybody has money plz donate it to I&V’s retirement fund.

    This is just bad,too bad.

  3. Agree! YSL ad is so boring!

    The best ad here is Michael Kors. Not bad.

    Chanel ad is like repeating theme from CK (Jourdan Dunn & Sigrid Agren), D Squared (Naomi Campbell & Linda Evangelista) and some other fighting pose ad.

    dont you think?

  4. Goodness gracious. No comments were deleted, they are in a moderation queue. Just because they dont show up immediately doesn’t mean that they were deleted.

  5. IMO:
    Michael Kors ad needs a close up of Noah, anything he’s in is golden to me.

    YSL, Christy is one of my all time favs, but her mouth looks weird in this pic and the jumpsuit make her hips & thighs look super thick, I don’t think that was what they were going for…

    Chanel, pretty cool, pic is beautiful, tells a story, not striking enough to make me want to shop… and I agree w/ Janelle, it’s all about the clothes and I wish I could see more texture, hence, would be better in color.

  6. its just tired im sory that does not make me want to buy or even find out about the product..thay really need to do it better for a lack of a better word..nothing to do with cristy
    thats is all the creative directors problem…
    what rock do they live under any way??? wake up… maybe take a trip down the street and get inspired if u need inspiration instead of living on that dam fashion bubble…

  7. Carmen looks great. Noah looks cheesy. The YSL is painfully awkward. The lighting and tones are weird too. Its like bad student work. I&V can do so much better. In Chanel the lesbian prairie girls narrative is stupid to begin with and is ruined by boring photography.

  8. i couldnt agree more that there seems to be a lack of creativity. a great shot or campaign doesn’t need a huge budget, only vision. and these campaigns are lacking. wat i always loved about d & g when they came on the scene was their ability to create art out of their campaigns..i would like to see that with other designers..

    im liking Kenzo’s take on things..we want to be wowed..even with simplicity.

  9. The first, I have no qualms with the second, like yous tated it’s awkward. Her elbow is out of frame? Even if it were in frame the picture would still look like it was too much. The last, Looks like it could be interesting but because of photography it is boring, drearing, and just there, like flat hair hanging on your cheeks… it just sits there and does nothing for me.

  10. I also agree with you.
    they`re all boring
    michael kors was boring but the piscture is beautiful and i love carmen and noah but that`s it…and it`s the same that last season.
    ysl i don`t get it,it`s all wrong
    chanel for me it`s sad,depressive
    we need changes people!!

  11. MK: it has been boring for a long time, you’ve said it why waste words on that?

    YSL: a deception among other YSL campaigns. I am not also a big fan pf Christy, she’s beautiful, she’s not an icon.

    CHANEL: i must say I love this one. It is like a prohibited love story in the old British fields…

  12. Kors is lovely and very nice technically.
    YSL looks like a bad test.
    Chanel is an optical mess with the focus and awkward framing- the shadow lines running through the necks, the stump of the tree, corner of the building, then there’s the tops of heads and the feet hacked off.

    Unless of course we were suppose to look at the grass first, then they nailed it.

  13. love Christy, hate the YSL ads
    Never been a big fan of MK but Carmen will always look amazing
    Chanel? Argh…never liked the ads


  14. On Michael Kors, I like the new perspective as opposed to over-posing outside of a private plane. I think it may have worked better if it were Carmen alone or if Noah’s smile wasn’t so cheesy. But I understand the concept season after season and it doesn’t bother me much, but I do agree it may be time for a much more dynamic approach.

    On YSL all I have to say is that I. LOVE. IT.!!! 90’s glam a la NYC e Pari’. You guys suck :- ~

    On Chanel, I get the whole Frontier depression nostalgia thing, but as far as showcasing and selling such high end items as Chanel, this add is crying for a replacement..stat!

  15. i agree about it being all the clothe

    i don’t know if u remember but there was a post campaign posted like months ago i believe

    i don’t remember what brand it is but its with natasha poly and some guy and the clothe was amazing its like u can feel the texture and detail comes to life in the picture

  16. carmen and noah are the bomb! hope the shots with andres are better and the chanel ad is tres cute =]

  17. I’m not impressed by YSL. looks like its from the early 90s. It’s boring. My favourite is the first one

  18. I like the fact that the new MK ad does not have some sort of vehicle in it (town car, jet, or yacht) so technically it is slightly different… albeit verrry slightly.

    The YSL ad is just awful. Looks cheap. Christy does not look good (probably poor photoshoping)… it almost looks as if her head was photoshoped onto another models body.

    The Chanel ad… I guess this appeals to all those bffs who are either really close or secret lovers a la Brokeback Mountain?? Nice though. It’s my fav.




  20. Michael Kors: Carmen Kass is always stunning

    YSL: They need to get better ads ASAP

    Chanel: My favorite of the three. What you may not know is that there are more of those photos, and they tell a story.

  21. Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, and then Christy Turlington…………hmm, that means we should see Miss Linda Evangelista for YSL SS10, right? 🙂 This seasons ad campaign is my least favorite. I dont think all the elements (like the shape of the clothes against the set or environment) compliments. Christy Turlington still looks regal as ever though!!!

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