La Famiglia

The beauty of family is at the heart of both of Dolce & Gabbana‘s seasonal campaigns. Inspired by the sirens of Italian cinema Anna Magnani, Monica Vitti and especially Sofia Loren, Giampaolo Sgura shot ravishing Italian beauties Monica Bellucci and Bianca Balti for the womenswear images. Mimicking the feel of lighthearted classic comedies set in Southern Italy, Sgura captured Belluci and Balti as they enjoyed “afternoons at the beach, Sundays at home, family parties, the first boyfriend, and tender moments with the children,” it all makes for a lovely set of images that represent the traditional, yet sensual side of the Dolce & Gabbana spirit.

Mariano Vivanco
‘s menswear images continue the theme with gorgeous sepia tinted portraits featuring actors Giuseppe Fiorello, Francesco Scianna, Filippo Nigro, Thomas Trabacchi, Primo Reggiani and Chiara Francini as an especially elegant family. The candid and atmospheric photos feel vintage, but those exquisite D&G separates are completely modern.

  1. Che foto stupende, sensuali ed allegre… vero spirito italiano-siciliano!!! D&G sono davvero iconici. Buone feste!!

  2. its amazing they finally hired an italian talented photographers. who is the stylist?all an all gorgeous gorgeous campaign! just look at bianca;s eyes magnificent emotions, outstanding contrast from the previous boring fw11campaign.

  3. Steven Meisel to Steven Klein to this?!?! What happened?? These used to be the best ads! Is this the end of great fashion advertising?

  4. Although I love Bianca Balti to death…… Was Isabeli Fontana not available that day?

    Fontana is the quintessential Dolce Gabbana woman.

  5. this shooting would have been perfectly with Meisel or even Testino. Here is a little amateur. Nice female casting anyway.

  6. Meisel and Klein used to create memorable, interesting images. They were something to look forward to. Not sure the current direction the brand is taking is up to par…

  7. For sure a true stereotype! First of all: no one’s Sicilian there: Bianca Balti is from Lodi, near Milan, Monica Bellucci is from Umbria, Simone Nobili is from Reggio Emilia… The dresses and everything is beautiful, but that’s not “Italy” nor “Sicily”… It’s so sad that there are still lots of people that think only about Luchino Visconti’s “The Leopard” (which is totally beautiful, I’m not saying it is not) or at Rossellini’s “Roma Open City” (that is one of my favourite movies…) when they think about Italy. I mean those things are beautiful, but it’s PAST, you cannot think about Italy that way in 2012! You can’t!

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