Step Into Spring

Spring’s fresh campaigns keep coming in – take a look at the latest and tell us which are your favorites!

Mariacarla Boscono for Yves Saint Laurent by David Sims

Sporting streamlined eyebrows by Diane Kendal and short bangs Guido Palau, Mariacarla looks strong and sexy in David Sims’ campaign for the mega-brand. After over a decade of campaigns helmed by either Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin or Juergen Teller Sims’ sleek style feels fresh.

Gisele Bundchen for Givenchy by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Life’s a beach for the Givenchy girl and Tisci’s surf & scuba inspired collection shines on the backs of Gisele Bundchen & brand muse Mariacarla Boscono. Posing alongside boogie boards in M&M’s subdued shots, the duo looks chic albeit slightly grim. After last season’s aggressive ads this is an interesting change of pace.

Kasia Struss for Moschino by Juergen Teller

The Moschino travel diary continues; this season the brand jets to Rome to create some classic Italian ambiance complete with vintage Fiats circling Kasia Struss and the Colosseum as a backdrop. Viva Moschino!

Raquel Zimmermann for Nina Ricci by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

The Nina Ricci sensibility has always been about feminine & ethereal designs. Inez & Vinoodh’s campaign images capture that ideal with a shot of Raquel Zimmermann rushing across the hall in a Peter Copping designed gown fit for a princess.

  1. The Nina Ricci shot is beautiful . I don’t think Raquel fits this aesthetic for Nina Ricci this season though . She looks a bit like Kate Winslet in it

  2. YSL – I’ve never been a fan of Mariacarla on print but I have to say she still looks amazing, she’s been in the business for so long and she never looks tired of it or anything.

    Givenchy – better than last season, I never looked at the clothes in those ads. You can’t go wrong with Gisele, she could be doing the same pose in every picture and you wouldn’t notice.

    Moschino – absolutely love it, I’m not a fan of Kasia but loving her here. The Moschino people definitely got what they wanted with these ads.

    Nina Ricci – perfection, perfect model, perfect photographers, perfect clothes and photographs 🙂

  3. I love that for the last 10 seasons, Stefano uses the ‘iconic’ LADIES for 9 of those seasons. After all, you need a woman to sell woman clothes no? I wish they used I&V again with Mariacarla because they usually make magic together. (This isn’t bad, but I don’t get life from it.) Good for all the ladies with the big ads that have debuted already, but I am still waiting on Dior. I hope its Karlie again, and no Giselle!!!! (I love Giselle, but Karlie has become quite synonymous with Dior, and I would like her to carry on her legacy with the brand for SS12.)

  4. The Givenchy AD REALLY WORX ON ME!!!
    God damn Giselle is so hot like that. And that collection was just up my alley.

    I usually really like Mariacarla… but I’m not crazy about this… sorry.

  5. My favorite out of this bunch would be GIVENCHY!!! The unpredictability of Riccardo Tisci’s creative vision is so amusing! As a fan, I always feel excited to see what he’ll come up with next…!!! This monochromatic image exudes a sense of nonchalance but with strength which is a nice contrast to the dark-colored outfits.

  6. i like the givenchy images that i’ve seen (except for mariacarla’s images at night – those are ruined by the men’s styling especially the white sandals). however, gisele’s images tend to look like they could have been shot by annie leibovitz on a really good day. is she the latest one they’re xeroxing?

    david sims’ new lighting (dappled, color seamless, etc) for ysl and prada men’s is poorly done. flat. the amazing casting, styling, hair&mu can’t save the images.

    from what i’ve seen so far i’m truly excited about deborah turbeville for valentino – especially since so many have been inspired by her to begin with. including last season’s valentino. why not just hire the original? (if they’re still alive.) on the same note, i would love to see sarah moon shoot a major brand again.

  7. wow…loving Gisele for Givenchy….But..what on earth happened to Kasia’s legs (Moschino)? I’m all for long lean legs…but this looks scary!

  8. As a Givenchy fan of course I would say Givenchy but apart from that I like the concept and I like to think that the girls are mermaids and the guys are surfers and I like that romantic bound in them.
    Mariacarla is the best but for YSL it does not matter how great is the model if the clothes are horrible.
    I know that Kasia has slim legs but in the ads they look way to thin.

  9. Peter… :-O

    Givenchy is smashing! It achieves a perrrfect transcendence. A welcome shift in tone but still relative. The coloration in chroma is just delicious. I am having a “persistence of vision” moment thus visualizing the Chanel logo on the face of that waverider.

    Moschino crafted themselves a wonderful narrative within settings of Italian vista but everything in this particualr image appears vastly underutilized. I do sense that vintage atmosphere, after presiding.. though the substantive effect escapes.

    Nina Ricci works very well..would love to see a just tad more of the gown.

    YSL is pretty tight. You can almost draw a sense of Monsieur Saint Laurent himself. My favorite YSL since Kate Moss’ last run..years..

  10. Mochino SELLS!
    Emmulates the HIGHLIFE, the top luxury and exclusivity that was (and in many respects still absolutely is) Italian fashion.

  11. Kasia’s right leg looks like a bad photoshop job (not the fact that her leg is very thin, there’s just something a little off about it)

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