On the runway Prada’s Spring/Summer mix of car motifs and couch cushion patterns veered towards camp, but in Steven Meisel‘s stunning campaign imagery the very same looks are the perfect blend of elegance and kitsch. Only the very best campaigns can make you rethink a collection, by bringing out its essence. In Meisel’s shots Ymre StiekemaMeghan CollisonKatryn KrugerNatasha Poly & Elise Crombez preen at a gas station on vintage hotrods whose “spiky rear fins and bodies emblazoned with flames reflect the design motifs in the collection.” Press releases aside, the girls are phenomenal, the clothes are elevated to a new threshold and the chunky necklaces from the brand new jewelry collection look like a dream.

  1. This is one amazing campaign. It’s gonna be hard to top this. Fave so far.

    Only question is:
    Where is Querelle and what’s Meghan doing in her place? What were they thinking…?

  2. meghan looks odd but i like her pose. i also think natasha is amazing but what is up with that raised leg? it looks really weird and does not make sense.

  3. Wow, Natasha for Prada!!! I guess she’ll have a Vogue Italia cover soon. Like the ‘prada-girl’ reunion. Would have died if Daria, and Sasha were in the mix. Nonetheless, I still like it. Anyone knows who shot the Mens campaign?

  4. i adore elise crombez,my opinion why she isnt the onlygirl at prada… ymre, wow whata progres. i saw her in may in barneys, ches she was fat… this girl works in the gym… natasha poly, why why why her? iam bored of her honestly bored. i was happy when she got brunette again but why blond again no idea, and her face expresion so fake. Kati, steals this ad campaign, iam sooo happy that she is in. ever since i saw her i knew she would be damn big!

  5. Beautiful campaign, love Natasha & Elise!!
    Natasha Poly with Prada, Dsquared2 & Jil Sander this season is ready for the icon spot. Move her there

  6. Must be nice to pick and choose when you want to work and having Meisel and Miuccia waiting with bated breath for your return. Go Meghan!

  7. I HAD A FEELING Meghan was for prada this collection I love Meghan & Natasha in this campaign they look amazing, it’s nice to see a new faces as well but not all new it’s nice to see Natasha,Elise Ymre..good cast and excellent collection

  8. Guinevere is also in the campaign. There’s no Kati thank god.

    Would have been the best casting if it were Querelle instead of Meghan.

  9. i like it when meisel’s photos are inspired by paul outerbridge.

    the last time it was really obvious was guinevere’s italian vogue cover & story for january ’08 – so it would make sense if she is included in this campaign also. she’s the classic “california” girl in both of these photographers’ eyes

  10. They all look great, especially Elise and Meghan.

    It seems like Prada’s early 00 ads, love it.

    Don’t hate so much on these girls, they’re human beings like you and me. You saw Ymre in May and she was fat? Who cares? She looks amazing now. She’s not my type of model although she is gorgeous, but I wouldn’t get personal with anyone because of that.

  11. This campaign is AMAZIIIIIIIIING!!!
    Nobody can top Miuccia, seriously… if she’s not the visionaire for this – then the person behind this idea must be brought to the front!!!
    The concept is so NOT Prada in the past, it brings so much freshness and excitement to the brand… I’m not sure how much Prada’s loyal customers will like this, but I CERTAINLY LOOOOOVE IT!!! ^_____^

  12. Mwghan suits Prada to a tea glamorous old hollywood with a modern and contemporary Chic – this is the Campaign that all others have to follow – Next is manovouring Meghan back in the game with the best Campiagn – great management

  13. re: ymre – we were on the subway together for about 20 minutes at the same time darko saw her – either in may or early june this year. wearing skinny jeans and looking amazing. fat would not be a word i would use to describe how she looked then.

  14. i was lucky to see Meghan collison on the street ans asked her what the best decision she made was and she said switching agencies to next where they listen and care – instead of being told what to do like cattle – good for you Meghan , Next makes you look happier and an independent woman – bravo

  15. This is IT! Miuccia delivers it perfectly, to a T!
    Ymre and Meghan = tops
    they deliver the campaign, the other girls are simply themselves in it. Katryn is good too.
    Meghan for another Vogue IT cover!

  16. Meghan Collisons image change from grungy sad girl from years ago to classy Prada women of today ROCKS – must be her cleaner modern image of her new agency Next – GO GIRL – its the year of the modern woman

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