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One of the highlights of yesterday’s lush Chanel‘s pre-fall show was the diverse cast. Amidst familiar Lagerfeld favorites like Arizona Muse and Stella Tennant a host of Indian & Pakistani beauties glided down the runway and caught our attention. Girls like Lakshmi Menon are already bonafide fashion stars, but the show brought a host of newer faces to the Grand Palais. Willowy beauties Jyothsna Chakravarthy, Smita Lasrado, Kelly Gale looked elegant in Chanel’s gold and cream palette. Fresh from the brand’s beauty campaign, Alyssah Ali traisped down the Chanel catwalk. Buzzed about beauty Shanina Shaik proved her versatility by pulling a complete 180 from her sultry Victoria’s Secret look. With her strong brows and refined look Liza Golden radiated classic beauty. Months after Vogue India labeled her the next supermodel Ashika Pratt hit high fashion’s big leagues.

When it comes to presenting a cast that represents the melting pot we all live in, fashion still has a long way to go. It is only in the past few years that brands truly began to embrace Asian models, but as beautiful as the women of South Asia are they are still a rarity on the runway. The theme of Chanel’s pre-fall collection dealt heavily with Indian influences and the casting attempted to reflect that, but out of 70 plus looks only a handful were worn by ethnic models. It remains to be seen if these young ladies will build on this momentum and dominate the catwalks next season, but we’re hoping this is the beginning of a moment.

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  1. I love this and them of the show.
    BUT i’ve seen this before Karl, I would love to see something a little more.

  2. beautiful.

    thank you carine for helping to bring chanel’s casting into more modern times. first with joan smalls’ being part of the campaign and now this. hopefully we’ll see more diversity from now on walking that traditionally exclusionary chanel runway.

  3. I feel it’s kind of lame that they hired Asian girls because it was an Asian themed collection. They’ll get credit when they cast them for regular themed collections.

  4. And Jasmin Tookes! – Also quite a shock.
    Glad to see such an abundance of multi-ethnic beauties at Chanel. Almost fell outta my seat. Every race has stunning specimen thus a shame to live through the rampant, agenda-laced conduct.

    It was also quite a shock when Joan Smalls stepped out at the previous Chanel show. An Earth shattering event it was.

    @ TeaAtTwo: basically. When there is more racially diverse casting atleast, as there is presence albeit small doses.

    The show was interesting yet delectable.. not the most confluent (though he consciously presented what appears to be an amalgamation of 4 collections). There were indeed several outstanding looks, like the above look on Lakshmi, Anja, both looks on Mirte, the garb on Aymeline and that divine, divine number on Sigrid! Karl forever and always.

  5. It kills me when FREJA is not around… i mean, cmon… the goddess needs to be there to make us smile..

  6. I’ve got to loose an obligatory: BROWN PRIDE!!!!!

    People make a fair point about the casting smacking a bit of tokenism given the theme of the collection, but hell, it’s still great to see South Asian beauty being showcased. I’m hoping this will budge Chanel from its ethnocentric casting standards and we’ll see models like Lakshmi, Smita and Alyssah in future shows.

    Let us not forget that not so long ago, the stunning Yasmeen Ghauri was a regular fixture at Chanel shows (and starred in a campaign)!

  7. I also have to agree with Raul – if Yasmeen had been there, it would have been marvelous (especially considering her history with Chanel and Karl). But from what I’ve understand, she’s left modeling far behind and lives a private life out of the spotlight. So, it is what it is.

  8. Except for two or three models all are born and brought up in some others countries not in India. For modelling jobs they settle in India and quickly rise to fame because here its easy for them. And true Indian models are not recognized that easily. So the point is they are actually not Indian models just by living here for sometime and modelling? International Agencies in India have been always looking for abroad models (not born and bred in India). Very shameful for Indian agencies!

  9. @pinkiegirl – Why is it shameful? Every other fashion market signs girls from all over the world, not just their own county. Why shouldn’t India? Most of the “all-american” looking US Vogue girls are Brazilian (Caroline), Canadian (Coco), Polish (Anja)… It is all about who does the best job portraying what the editors and clients are looking for.

  10. That so many gorgeous, but yet unknown models got booked for such a big show like Chanel shows what a lack of diversity is still going on in high fashion

  11. wow! at least i see south asian girls in chanel… not the east asian girls like liu wen which is overrated asian models… this is what diversity means…

  12. @scout- Exactly!! Why not original Indian models who are born n brought up here! Here the agencies are very smart, they sign up the models from other countries for a short period of time and then they are sent for international shows so eventually they are not actually Indian models you see?

  13. i predict India will have a stronger influence in the world of fashion as time goes on – home grown Indian beauties come in all shades and styles

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