Archival Allure

Clare Richardson digs into the Versace archives in a special shoot for Industrie Magazine. Shot by Josh Olins and featuring a slew of vintage pieces from the line’s history as worn by campaign face Saskia de Brauw, the story expertly captures the editorial appeal of Versace. Whether it is an ostentatious choker worn with nothing else, or one of Gianni’s trademark printed silk blouses, the Versace look has always been outlandish, eye-catching and completely original.

  1. Saskia body is gorgeous, i even like the hair. I’M SORRY THAT WAS LITTLE PERSONAL BUT I LOVE MODELS. But other then that Saskia always delivers when it comes to shooting ANYTHING, At first I was little worried that she was 30 but I guess this is what it takes to be successful in less than a year, She’s amazing and really going on me I JUST LOVER HER, good work Saskia.

  2. Saskia looks AMAZING. Always. Such a great body.

    Would have loved to have seen Mert&Marcus do this though, the Versace language that they have in the main campaign and the H&M ads is so spectacular and its a little lost in this images. Not so Versace as we know it.

  3. Since its all the same ingredients as the main campaign, the amazing Saskia, the same designer, as an editorial, it should be more exciting than the main campaign because it can be less commercial. But it’s not.

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